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Broadband Speed Test Android app fixes crashing

The Broadband Speed Test app for Android, had left some users feeling a little frustrated seeing as though they had been suffering from one or two issues, one of which saw the app crashing upon startup. However, developers have now released a new update that sees these issues addressed.

New 3.2.2 update features include – First up it fixes the crashing that happened when certain users started the app up. They have also addressed some additional bugs, although they have not detailed what those fixes are.

Speedtest has asked if you rely on its apps to test connectivity issues, then they would be happy if you were to leave some feedback for them on Google Play, which we can already see they have done.

One user said he noticed his Sky Broadband drops to a speed of 0.20mbs each week, and so by using this app is able to keep on top of things and reset his modem each time this happens.

It certainly seems like this is one of the first apps people use when they notice an issue with their Internet speed, and in some cases leads to phone calls to service providers in order to rectify the problem.

Do you use in order to diagnose connectivity problems and speed?



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