WWE 2K15 CM Punk unlock is inevitable

WWE 2K15 is on the way this year and as we just told you earlier this week, one of the big inclusions is a WWE 2K15 pre-order offer which will give players the chance to play as the legendary wrestler Sting.

However, that doesn’t appear to be the major talking point at the moment as it looks like fans are more concerned on whether a WWE 2K15 CM Punk character will be made available in the game, after the wrestler recently ‘quit’ WWE programming.

If you follow the show, you’ll know that CM Punk hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for months, after seemingly growing frustrated over the tireless schedule that WWE performers have to endure.

Given his absence, what are the odds of him appearing in WWE 2K15 as an unlockable player when the game releases? CM Punk has now been officially removed from the current WWE roster and placed on the WWE Alumni page, which could be an indication that his contract is now finished with the WWE.

If that is the case, there could be no way back for CM Punk to appear on WWE 2K15 in an official capacity, leaving fans with only one option – going down the WWE 2K15 CM Punk create a wrestler route.

We have seen with WWE 2K14 and Jeff Hardy that there isn’t any single wrestler that fans cannot create and if WWE really do not want Punk in the game, fans will just see it as an incentive to create their own version.

With this in mind, we think it is inevitable that we’ll see CM Punk in some form or another in WWE 2K15, but obviously let’s hope that he makes it in officially to save a lot of time and hassle.

If you have been following the CM Punk WWE situation, let us know your thoughts on whether he will show up in the game or not.



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