Ronaldo Vs Messi for FIFA 15 rating, EA bias

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2014

FIFA 15 is on the way this September and EA have the tough task on improving from the excellent FIFA 14. EA also has the difficult decision on deciding FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ratings, especially when it comes to the inevitable Ronaldo Vs Messi showdown.

This year is going to be interesting for a number of reasons. We gave you the news earlier this week that Lionel Messi has once again been chosen as the global cover star for FIFA 15.

However, for the first time in years Messi did not win the coveted Ballon D’Or prize for the 2014 World Player of the year, this went to Cristiano Ronaldo instead. This is going to create quite the debate in EA headquarters we expect as they must decide on what rating to give each players before the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is launched.

Do EA stick with what they did with FIFA 14 and give Messi the higher rating compared to Ronaldo? Or do they take into account that Ronaldo has had a better season than Messi plus won the Ballon D’Or and actually award Ronaldo with a higher rating?

Considering that Messi is the global face of FIFA 15, we think it is highly unlikely that Messi will be downgraded for Ronaldo, due to Messi’s partnership with EA. Messi himself wouldn’t like that if it happened, while we’re guessing Ronaldo who is usually the face of Konami’s PES franchise would be very surprised if that were to be the case.


For pure footballing reasons though, there is very much an argument for Ronaldo to have a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 15 later this year. In the images we have supplied here courtesy of FIFA community specialist Nepenthez, you can see the original FIFA 14 cards for both players, along with predicted FIFA 15 stats as well.

You can also see that Messi has been downgraded to a 93 from a 94, while Ronaldo has been upgraded from a 92 to a 93. Again, this is just a prediction and not official yet – EA are unlikely to downgrade Messi purely because he has now been chosen as the FIFA 15 cover star.

What are your thoughts on this as a football and FIFA fan. Do you agree that Ronaldo should be given a higher rating than Messi for FIFA 15 due to having a better season and winning the Ballon D’Or, or should Messi still have the best rating in the world hands down?

EA may argue that Messi still deserves a better FIFA 15 rating than Ronaldo for winning the World Cup 2014 Golden Ball for being the ‘best’ player in Brazil, even though fans have called this controversial.

It’s going to be an interesting time when EA reveals the official rating for sure. We can’t wait to see what happens with this one.

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  • footballinmysoul

    Ronaldo should be 94 and messi 93…

    • FUTfanboy

      I disagree. I have always believed that such a high rating of 92 eg.Ronaldo or 94 eg. Messi (in fifa 14) suggested that the player was good at both attack and defence, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Why are offensive players ranked higher than defensive players? They shouldn’t be. So for that reason I want the best defenders in fifa to be just as high rated – or nearly as high rated- as the best attackers in Fifa, which are undoubtedly Messi and Ronaldo.
      Simply put, Messi should be not down-graded, but more like realistically-rated, down to 91 and Ronaldo the same, at 91. To be honest, they are both really good players. You just cannot say who is better and that’s a fact.
      Then the best defenders in the game to around 89-90. After all, it is the offensive players who win the game, not the defenders. So I guess it would make sense to make Messi and Ronaldo just very SLIGHTLY higher than the best defenders, such as Thiago Silva or Sergio Ramos.