Reiterating BMW i8 charging options

With sales of the BMW i8 already started in the UK we thought we would remind you of the charging options that are available to you, seeing as though there is more than the one. Having more of a choice does help increase its flexibility for owners, although one is not as easily available.

BMW i8 charging options – The first option is Home Charging and will be one of the more popular choices. All you need is the BMW i Wallbox Pure or Pro and can either be mounted to the outside of your house or the garage wall. Both these solutions will be able to charge your BMW i8 to 80 percent capacity in around 2 hours.

However, you will need to have a quick survey to see if these wall boxes can be fitted at your home.

The next option is Public Charging, and so giving you the ability to charge while out and about. This is part of the ChargeNow service, which is the biggest of its kind in the UK. While this does give the i8 more flexibility, you have to remember that the service is still limited and so charging stations still might not be near where you live or traveling to.

Please visit the ChargeNow Live Map to see if there is a location near you.

BMW’s final option to keep your i8 charged is Charging While Driving. When you are driving in the non-electric mode the battery will be charged thanks to the petrol engine, which will then be there ready for when you call upon it in extra boost mode.

More details on these can be found on the BMW UK website.



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