Minecraft Village Seeds PE 0.9.2 near spawn

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2014

Those of you who have just updated to Minecraft PE 0.9.2 on Android and iOS may be on the lookout for some exciting but most importantly, very big Minecraft Village Seeds near spawn.

If this applies to you, we are happy to bring you a quick heads-up on some of the best ones that we have found, which work on the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

As we told you earlier this week, Mojang issued a quick update to Minecraft 0.9.2 due to Apple taking too long to approve Minecraft 0.9.1. They have effectively replaced 0.9.1 with 0.9.2 and the update is available to download now both on iOS and Android.

With that said, let’s take a look at some Minecraft Village Seeds for Minecraft PE that work on Minecraft 0.9.2 but also Minecraft 0.9.1 and Minecraft 0.9.0 if you are still running these older versions.


Here are some numbers that you may want to try out if you are looking for huge Minecraft Village Seeds:

1) Seed: Super pig for an Extreme Hills Village Seed with Swamp Biome.

2) Seed: Johnny appleseed for a unique four village seed all placed next to one another.

3) Seed: 1405463308 for the EXTREME Mountain Village, which also comes with a Blacksmith Seed.

Those three seeds should get you started very nicely indeed and we’ve added gameplay videos of all three below this post if you want to check out a preview before heading into your game.

Let us know your experiences with Minecraft Village Seeds on the latest version of Minecraft PE and alternatively feel free to offer some better seeds if you think you have a good contender.

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  • Carson

    MINESHAFT SEED! Seed:swampymarshplease

    NO spaces NO capitals. You spawn near a jungle/forest, and there’s 2 “caves” near spawn. Go to the farthest away one, and climb down. It leads to an entryway to several different caves. Walk around to the other side, and you will see two caves stacked on top of each other. The top one has a mini waterfall inside that you can clearly see. Go into the cave below that. Then, you will see 3 ways to go. Go to the LEFT and keep walking. You will see that it drops off, and there is a lava fall AND a waterfall next to each other. You will see the entry to the mineshaft to the right 🙂
    (Creative and survival spawn very close to each other. You should spawn right outside of the forest/jungle) ENJOY!

  • Ray03

    Sereiously? I have 0.9.5 and does not work. 0.9.4 is on apple devices though.

  • Thomas

    acutally i tried 3 i think and i think it didnt work

  • Thomas

    ummm super pig glitched johnny Appleseed just spawned one village and it was crappy and i havent tried #3

    • DoctorWhat

      Retry Johnny appleseed. I logged off and logged back on and it worked. No village though, lol.

  • minecraft101

    It will not let me see any villages. I have 0.9.5

  • Jamie Petit

    Use seed id: 1405664835 there is a mesa biome near the players spawn point of this seed.

  • Ray03

    I have version 0.9.4

    • Jacob Jackson

      me 2 man

  • Clash1585

    I do aswell

  • Endy

    I have 0.9.2

  • Endy

    I need a seed with lots of villages


    I have never heard of 0.9.1

  • Minecrafter

    There is no 0.9.1 only 0.9.2

  • Traynack

    Can you make apple support worlds that are never ending?

  • Helen

    Sooooooo please

  • Helen

    If u add sprint then I will be really really and I mean really happy

  • Helen

    Add sprint maybe

  • gerald

    One of the seeds made my nook freak out and power down and couldn’t get it back on till ten minuts later

  • Rexy

    Maybe you could find more?

  • Rexy

    Really helped

  • Rexy

    Cool thank you

  • Annonimous

    I have one seed

    20: from your spawning point move towards the dessert you will find a dessert village, in the blacksmith you will find a saddle, which you can use to ride pigs.

  • Nate

    Nice info i tryed 2 actually and they all worked except for the number one? If mojang sees this comment or if someone thats in contact with mojang plz ask if mojang could plz fix that for ipad.btw ace gaming is somthing i watch all the time and i like when he reviews the seeds and stuff.also I’d like to give out a pretty amazing city village seed for minecraft PE !,!!!.ill share if i hear somthin back.Later:).

    • Hello it’s me

      Do you have to have the update for it to work😄

  • theo dupre

    i have 2 really good seeds:
    1405106863 : 3 village seed. you will spawn in front of a river. follow the river to the left until you see a village. another village is not far from it, and if you keep following the river you will end up near a sand village. i made a railway connecting the sandy village and the river village. the desert right near the plains village is perfect for wool and clay pictures, and the church in the sandy village is right next to the doctors office, and you can wall it off and make an awesome fortress out of the two buildings.
    Classy: you will spawn facing an epic hill. fly up over the hill and take out your compass. go forward until you are over the river and rotate to the left about 30 degrees.after a few blocks, the needle should face traight down. go forward in that direction and eventually you will come across a straight, tower- like hill in the water, with two floating islands in front of it. this is perfect for an impenetrable fortress, as mobs cant climb the sheer slopes!
    if you have your hands in a website where you can tell people about these seeds, please do. also, when you open the game the yellow words floating on screen are usually names for seeds made by mojang. its been giving us seeds this whole time!!!!!!

    • theo dupre

      btw these are for version 9.3 in the pocket edition. have fun with these seeds!

    • spearsm@live.franklinpierce.ed

      if you dig down from spawn point there is a huge abandoned mine

  • Diamond slayer 146

    I like jotopev’s seed it’s awesome 😄

  • Diamond slayer 146

    This is the best seed ever

  • Kingdavid116

    It’s is still crashing