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iOS 8 beta 4 live July 28th not 21st by repetition

There are conflicting reports as to when iOS 8 beta 4 will go live, some sources report they have heard from inside sources that the date will be this Monday 21st, while others state a week later, which is the 28th. The question I would like to know is – which is it to be?

I can understand why some sources would suggest this Monday, which is the 21st of July, as the previous beta versions have been released 2 weeks a part, so it is a very easy assumption to make. However, if going by repetition of what happened last year with iOS 7 beta 4 and again the year before that, then there was a 3 week gap from the third beta to the fourth.

It is for this reason why I believe that iOS 8 beta 4 will be released on July 28th instead. Ok, so I know this is still not proof, but you can’t deny that if I are to go by tradition, then it’s not going to be this Monday.

I can understand that some of our readers will say trying to predict Apple beta releases is silly because they will release it when they are good and ready. Some of you may even suggest that Apple will ship later if they do not have a stable build in time. However, you cannot argue with the past two years, as surely that would suggest some sort of pattern?

Do you think looking at iOS 6 and 7 beta 4 is a good way to predict when Apple will release iOS 8 beta 4, or is there no way to tell?



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