Destiny beta PS4 Vs Xbox One resolution

The countdown is now on to the Destiny beta start time on PS4 and PS3. For those that are interested in what resolution Bungie has managed to get for the beta, we’re pleased to bring you a quick reminder on what the benchmark will be.

PlayStation gamers have the chance to play the Destiny beta first thanks to an exclusive agreement set with Sony and those playing on PS4 will be happy to hear that the beta is running at 1080p and 30FPS natively.

However, we’ve just had confirmation that the Xbox One Destiny beta will not be 1080p as Bungie has said that the game is still a work in progress with regards to trying to get the game to 1080p.

The team are aiming for 1080p when the final version is launched in September, but those playing the beta will not enjoy 1080p. Will it really matter though? The beta is there for testing purposes and from Bungie’s perspective, to stress test those Destiny multiplayer servers to see how they can cope.

You shouldn’t be too concerned on how the game looks technically from a beta as it will always be improved before the final release – just enjoy the gameplay and see what you think compared to Call of Duty, Halo and Titanfall after all of the hype.

With that said though, let us know which platform you are playing and whether resolution is important to you regardless when thinking about buying new games.

Do you have your Destiny beta code ready and waiting? Not long now.



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