2016 Smart Fortwo and Forfour customization significance

The 2016 Smart Fortwo and Forfour were finally revealed earlier today, although an earlier leak of these vehicles pretty much spoiled the surprise. However, there was still so much to look forward to, seeing as though we never knew anything about what both models had to offer, and now we do.

Smart has had its issues and has faced a few struggles, and so it is the hope that these two hatchbacks will help to bring new life into the brand, although there is no denying how cool the current Fortwo electric model and that eBike are, which we recently were lucky enough to review the latter.

We had seen several concepts over the months and it is very surprising how similar the new Smart Fortwo and Forfour are to the designs. We knew that one of the most important factors in the new models were the engines, and there are a choice of three petrol units, which will produce 60, 71 and 90 horsepower respectively.

Customization significance – Even though we have put a high value on how important those engines are, Smart has given us something else to make us feel very excited about its new models, and that is their customizability.

Customers have the option of choosing from 40 different exterior color schemes, and can even mix and match the color of the body shell with the Tridion Safety Cell. You can also select various combinations for the interior.

It would seem that Smart has gone back to its roots by trying to be the funky boy on the block, but there is far more to these models than just engines and customization, and so you need to visit the Smart website for more details on the 2016 Fortwo and Forfour.



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