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Unturned servers unresponsive for some

There have been several reports from online gamers that the Unturned servers have been unresponsive for some of them, although there could be some light at the end of the tunnel. These issues had been expected seeing as though Steamworks networking API was being integrated.

Many Unturned users complained that they were unable to find a server list, although some of them had been successful. However, they did find once leaving that list that they were unable to find another.

The Unturned servers unresponsive issue could be a thing of the past if the team behind the game take up the offer of using a game server company’s servers instead. They believe they have what it takes to service Unturned needs. However, before this can happen they said that they would need to integrate Steamworks servers with SteamCMD.

It would seem that this game has some great potential, and we have even seen a response on the Steam Comminuty that a developer has managed to port Unturned to Mac, although we would like to see some proof of this.

If you have never heard of Unturned before, then fans of the Indie game will tell you that you are missing out, and judging by the videos below, we would have to agree, although only if you are into this game genre.



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