Polaris Slingshot handling articulated

We don’t have long to go until the release of the Polaris Slingshot, and yesterday saw the release of the third teaser video. There is just one more teaser video to go, and then the week after will be its big unveil, which we are very excited about.

The latest video articulates the Polaris Slingshot handling, which as you will see in the video claims to be very good. The professional driver in the video says that if the vehicle goes as fast as it looks, it’s on. We are then subjected to footage of the Slingshot taking some corners, as well as a nice shot of its suspension and steering as it is being driven.

Even though the Slingshot is no secret, Polaris has done a great job at keeping the design and tech specs for the Slingshot secret. However, there have been one or two leaked images that claim to be from the ultra secretive vehicle.

SlingshotForums believe that they have the first spy shot of the Slingshot, and it is hard to argue the fact that this teaser image does look a lot like the three-wheeler patent drawings. If it is the real deal, then we also have a good idea of its size, which seems to fall in nicely between the CanAm Spyder and Ariel Atom, which as we know will be the Slingshots main rivals.

There is still no word on the engine, but who knows, maybe Polaris will give us some insight into its powerplant in the final video next monday? However, with just 12 days to go until its official unveil, we will not be kept waiting much longer to finally learn all the secrets of the Slingshot, just hope it’s worth waiting for?



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