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Opera Mini 8.0.1 update on iOS

The all-new Opera Mini for iPhone and iPad was finally released at the end of last month and one of the biggest changes was the speed dial, which is where you can keep all of your favorite sites. No matter what improvements were made, users still had some issues.

Thankfully some of these have been addressed with the latest Opera Mini 8.0.1 update on iOS. It would seem that some users had missed the single column view, and so you will be pleased to know this feature is back.

Even though last months update had made improvements to Opera Mini overall performance, there were a few stability issues, and so version 8.0.1 has now addressed this, along with improving performance even more. Finally, the team behind this browser app has resolved occasional issue with virtual joystick.

Bringing back the single column view has certainly gone down well with the users, and show that Opera Software ASA does listen to its users. However, they now ask if the team that develop the app would also be able to bring back the ability to change font sizes. We know there is the pinch and zoom feature to help people see things better, but being able to change the font size to 125 percent would be so much better.

Another feature needed in the next Opera Mini update would have to be the ability to change Themes as background, just to add a little of customization to the app. What new features would you like to see added next time?



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