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New Destiny PS4 beta video tells all

Sony PlayStation has released a new Destiny PS4 beta video that apparently tells all in just over 2 minutes, or at the very least it will reveal “everything you need to know”, according to Sony’s YouTube PlayStation channel.

You’ll see Community Manager David Dague, Lead Designer Lars Bakken, Head of Community Eric Osborne, and more of the team explain some of the finer details.

Take a look at the new Destiny beta video below, then let us know if this truly told you “everything” or do you still have questions?

The beta goes live on PS4 in two days time, although there’s a live stream taking place tomorrow with the start times listed in our earlier article and install sizes on PS4/Xbox One here. This will be a great way to get an early preview before the big day.

Have you got a beta code for Destiny? We’ve also heard about a few gamers pre-ordering at Amazon, then after getting a code they cancel. This is just rumors, but it wouldn’t surprise us considering the demand to get in on the beta.



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