Jaguar XE Sedan specs teased before unveil

Jaguar has said that the press will finally get to see the all-new XE Sedan (or Saloon in the UK) on September 8th during a special event in London. That’s not all, Jaguar also revealed some of the specs for this upcoming vehicle, which as we know will be the rival to the BMW 3-Series.

The new Jaguar XE Sedan features are to include technology that will allow the vehicle to peform just as good or even better than the 3-Series, and also have the precise handling to match thanks to responsive steering. These are huge claims by the carmaker, which we do hope they can back up.

We can understand why they would make such a claim though, seeing as though the XE will borrow the double wishbone front suspension that has been inspired from the F-Type, which as many of you will know is made from aluminum. The rear suspension also makes use of an aluminum design, which not only offers the vehicle superb stiffness levels, but also a refined ride with a sharp response.

One of the most exciting features has to be the new Jaguar XE engine, which is from the new Ingenium range. More details on the technology behind this engine can be found in this interesting article.

The final piece of the puzzle that will make the new XE Sedan such a great vehicle will be its All Surface Progress Control system, this means all four wheels will always have complete traction from standstill, no matter what the weather.

For more details on the new Jaguar XE technology, along with its world premier, then please head to the JLR press page.



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