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GTA V Strip Club DLC update teased

Although it is amazing to think that we still haven’t had a major piece of GTA V DLC for single-player yet, we are also pleasantly surprised to see the level of effort that Rockstar are putting into their free DLC releases for GTA Online.

We’ve lost count on the amount of small updates that Rockstar has introduced, from the Beach Bum update to the Independence Day special – it’s all available free to gamers thanks to the generosity of Rockstar.

A few days ago we told you that Rockstar could be planning to drop a small GTA V DLC update which would bring many retro and rare T-shirts to GTA Online. Now though, it looks like we have the intel on another piece of unreleased content that is apparently on the way soon.

Some GTA V nodders have managed to unearth details showing that Rockstar plans to introduce a Strip Club update to GTA V. Images shown in the video below reveal brand new strip club locations that are currently not available in the game at the moment.

Either that, or there are in the game but locked away on purpose. Rockstar has not released any details on a potential GTA V strip club update, but those responsible for the leak are saying that it could be made available when GTA V PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions arrive this Fall.

For those gamers that like to enjoy GTA Online life on the saucy side, this update sounds right up your street. Again, it’s not 100% official until Rockstar gives the word, but it looks promising as we’ve seen information from the leaker Brice Lazygamer which has proved correct in the past.

What is your reaction to Rockstar making GTA V ‘naughtier’? Would you welcome such an update or not? Give us your ideas on what else you would like to see introduced with a strip club theme.



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