GTA V update for vehicles by protagonist

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 17, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update didn’t arrive today, even though it wouldn’t be expected yet thanks to expansions normally releasing once a month; other than with July 4th special content. This fact hasn’t stopped thousands of gamers taking to forums asking if the GTA V 1.16 patch is live, or if another online update has appeared on Rockstar’s favored day of the week.

You won’t need to look far to see forum threads titled, “what has Patch 1.16 changed”. These are by certain fans wanting to have some fun, although for us the fun comes with the animated GIFs being shared after people see threads like this are just a wind-up.

GTA V garage update for vehicles by protagonist – the next update will likely arrive towards the end of this month, or at the start of August. One feature we’d love to see in the next instalment is more garage space and this is especially important when you consider the different protagonists.

While this isn’t a racing car game, players know vehicles have always been really important, so some people want the ability to develop a large collection of vehicles themed to each protagonist. This is what one Product Reviews reader had to say, “I really want more garage space to build up a collection of vehicles for Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. It would be great to have various collections for each character, like cars from films for Michael, law Enforcement vehicles for Trevor, and performance cars for Franklin”.

There’s already a number of clues being left online and with video via YouTube, which includes night club DLC and High Roller possibilities. You can also watch a video below that offers a wishlist for the next patch and these ideas include custom Pegasus cars, colored headlights, and more.

What’s missing in your opinion from GTA? Would you really like more garage space in GTA V offline and online?

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  • Mahmoud Ae

    how can i get the new cars in xbox 360

  • tj

    I think rockstar is not gonna bring the 1.16 out for awhile because there was a glitch where players can make millions so I don’t think rockstar is happy about that so there punishing the players by not bringing out the 1.16 update yet


    I believe they’ll bring more headlights into the game; they’ve already got 1 custom headlight and if R* could add some visual modifications to the picador to make if feel like a real muscle car that’ll be awesome; I’m talking about the hood, the fenders, the covers for the back window or even covers to the trunk or the back itself it still looks great with GT Chrome rims and metallic paint, It’ll be great to see them add some features to vehicles that lack a variety of visual modifications, and when can we have hoodies that actually cover our heads??? I’m just saying, there’s a reason for everything.

  • Deadpool

    I think crew colored gun tints would be amazing! Also a special modification shop to customize the semi trucks and own them. As well as the Stretch. Like you could customize it and it will save your changes every time you call it from Pegasus… I’ve already emailed Rockstar about this so it’s not just some idea that I’m stating just ’cause I can.

  • Deadpool

    Anthony Reed, you need to learn to use punctuation…

    • Anthony Reed

      Ok so…. It’s just a post its not like im in school.

  • Anthony Reed

    They need a semiautomatic sniper any doors you want on your car a pagani more multi color tire smokes houses that are really houses not apartments more garage space be able to customize the bugatti/adder more like spoilers and other stuff like they did on the need for speed movie newer and more powerful guns cause the firework launcher was a waste of time and money and they definitely need vinyls because yall had them in midnight club and that’s made by rockstars so whyy not in gta makes no sense you could be able to have a boyfriend or girlfriends pets not just a dog but like parrots hamsters turtles fish or stuff like that be able to customize your house the way you want but yea thats all i want to be done on gta online

    • Corey

      Ugh, my brain hurts. Learn how to write A proper sentence. Or at least learn to put Period or 2 in to make it easier. Jeez.

      • Anthony Reed

        Does it really matter smh…

  • Dantecramor

    Colored headlights would be sweet

  • Dantecramor

    Galaxy was the best

  • Chris Jimenez

    Mansions in Vinewood Hills and more interiors. The houses in The Lake Vinewood Estates are amazing. Also it would be cool to own a Maybach Exelero or other models. And a McLaren P1


    I’d like there to be online lobbies where the cops are disabled .

    I think it would be cool to bring back the character maintenance tool that was in gta San andreas. So how u eat and exercise influences your look .

    I think there should be a plastic surgery tool that you would have to go to the hospital and pay like fifty thousand for that will make it able to edit your character and give him scars , different eye colors etc…

    I think the long wait while calling Lester and everyone else should be eliminated and u should just be able to click on their name and the task u want them to complete without having to wait for them to answer .

    • Ryan Storey

      Damn right with the character maintenance, I imagine it’d have to be a .vastly overhauled system though as I do remember fat CJ been on screen for long periods after too many Burger Shots!

  • King Stephen

    there should be more clothing items, like trenchcoats, gloves, backpacks. more garage space like 15-20 cars. have a mugger take out people that are in their apartments like the pussys they are. be able to go into restaurants like burgershot. have more food items instead of just snacks. mansions with indoor pools and gyms. be able to design your house/apartment. and have girlfriends/ boyfriends and pets.

  • Brandon

    I would like more space, signal lights, and a speedometer.

    • Daquell Turner

      thankyou …..,!!!!! <(") SIGNAL LIGHTS —/// #REALISM

      • Chris Jimenez

        All controls on the controller are filled when driving, so when you figure out buttons for the turn signals let me know.

        • Frosty samba

          Handbrake has 2 buttons n wats right analog button do

      • IamANONYMOUS

        Signal lights would be cool, especially if you wanna let your friends and crew members know your about to turn corners but they’ll have to rearrange the controls if that ever happens.

      • IamANONYMOUS

        I reckon it’ll be easier if we stick to the one handbrake button like the R1 button, I don’t even use the x button to handbrake its just an alternative controller button to me but if they do add the signal lights (indicators) then the only thing that’ll matter is how they will rearrange the controller layout if there was ever a feature, there could even be another controller layout for realistic driving, if anything they should replace the X or A button as an interaction button and integrate the directional buttons as the functional interaction; something like this; X/A + > = Signal Right; X/A + ), Hydraulics (X/A + Right analog), and if they’re was a debate over using both R1 and X then consider the Brake button an alternative too.

  • oz

    Uhhh Heists. Heists are missing. I’d also like a functioning game. Like I’d like to be able to not be kicked out of a room because of s**t servers. I’d also like the game not to freeze after 5 minutes of playing. But I doubt they’d fix their game now. They’ll just release a lame dlc of overpriced clothes so you can buy a shark card and pay for it.

    • Random Person

      My game doesn’t freeze. You just have a console that is near the end of its life.

  • tyga

    What’s really missing is signal lights for the cars and a speedometer to show how fast you r goin and being pulled over by cops and being able drive off when stop and get out the car

    • tyga

      And being able to use cockpit when your driving

  • Gaby Willis

    Mini moto bikes, go karting tracks, job as a police officer or fire, ambulance driver, burgle house, buy a business for daily income, option to decorate your crib and buy furniture, mowers so we can do the lawn at our crib, option to interact with everything in your crib, bring back burger shot your character needs to eat, football, pool,hockey, more fare rides dodgems, pirate ship, chance to win things on the fare, open the arcade machines, why can we not sit on benches

    • Bobo

      you’re going places friend. many of these ideas would be friggin awesome. especially pool. poker too. they could just copy it from red dead, i wouldnt care

  • Corey

    “The Grand Theft Auto V 1.16 update didn’t arrive today, even though it wouldn’t be expected yet thanks to expansions normally releasing once a month other than with July 4th special content.”

    This is a horrible run-on sentence, and I will also make a similar statement now.

    “I did not receive any pizza today because I did not order one.”


  • Bobo

    zombies yes, and does anyone actually play single player? no.

    • Jaceley Frezin

      What? What kind of question is that? This game has one of the best single player (my opinion). If you haven’t tried it I would highly recommend it. And zombies? Why? Zombies doesn’t belong in everything..

      • Bobo

        I am genuinely surprised anyone plays single player in a game with such a huge online feature. playing single player when you have 30 million dollars feels pretty pointless when you can play online with a custom character and actually earn things. Also zombies because of red dead redemption, the expansion was more fun than the original game. rockstar knows how to do zombies. it would be insanely fun.

        • Random Person

          I don’t think zombies is a good idea. Unless you have the option to join a zombie server. I just don’t want all of the online servers to have zombies. Zombie survivals are still ok with me.

        • Bobo

          I can see that but I doubt they’d do it. It would be NICE if they would do zombies as a yes/no option when starting a new server. But i was thinking they’d do it as a Halloween event, lasting 2 weeks or so since they seem to love giving us a chuck of content for a limited time and then taking it away.

  • Jacob Bestic

    Being able to have your cars not disappear like being able to place trackers on them in single player

  • Jeremy

    I want functional arcade cabinets in game.. Where’s the homage to 8-bit?

  • Jaceley Frezin

    You guys have lots of great ideas! What I want is a dynamic stock market in both GTA online and GTA V. I also want more single player heists. I always felt like the stock market was a huge let down just like the single player heists. They were too short and too few. It was disappointing to play a game that focuses on heist and only ended up with three. What was the point of having crew mates with the possibility of skill improvement if there is no opportunity to put that to great use? On a side note, GTA V is a well crafted game and I cannot wait to replay it on PC or next_gen. Great job R*!

  • mike

    Add pimping females and ability to have to recruit them from the street. What’s a gangster or a professional without his chick or chicks. Just point your weapon at a chick you want and clock in a thumbstick to select them and automatically send them to your apartment.

    • keenan

      Or what about just having a girlfriend online that you can take out and have sex with her, I’m just saying

  • Kyle Wrights

    Ithink we should have more garage space i mean when you think 20 cars in 2 garages sure it seems like alot. but think about it.. you can’t just keep adding new cars in dlcs without expanding car space bc we all know there’s well over 20 different cars in gta online. I think colored headlights and colored tint would be awesome. Yes rockstar listen to the people. This is what the people want!

  • Dalu Russel Gondwe

    How about Franklin’s haircuts into multiplayer as a black gamer its not fair we have 3 options.

    • Kyle Wrights

      im not black but yea that does suck. There should deff be alot more options for our fellow brothas.. lol

  • Suchet

    The gambling stuff would be great – we need poker and roulette and other games like pool and make money through bets and challenges in them – bars that we could enter and meet up socially with other players. Rumour has it that there will be an update with all this including an additions to the strip club.

  • Josh

    I would like to see a air craft carrier in the ocean and you could boat over or fly over and drive the air craft carrier after you killed all the navy personel

    • keenan

      You hit the jackpot

    • Deadpool

      Then your friends and crew could land on it. OR after you’ve successfully taken it over, you can own it as long as you’re in an invite only session.

  • Lowboy2929

    we should be able to break into the apartment and House’s and, steal stuff like money and jewelry.

  • Cash hsgh

    This is all just one big beta for the next gen versions. They’ve been planning this for awhile and it’s kind of obvious because they just don’t give a sh*t about last gen.

    • spider

      I’ve said this so many times but people never listen.

      I agree with you 1000000000%

      They do not care about fixing issues the current gen gamers are having. Their only concern is pumping out the next gen game and getting that boost in sales one year after the release date.

      F**k Rockstar

  • Dizzle

    I want to be able to steal any car on the street especially high end! Like a infernus or a comet and be able to keep it and put it in my garage.

    • hi

      do jobs and win money… like that’ll ever happen…

      • Dizzle

        Good idea!

  • Qudallz

    Be able to rob the small banks just like the stores rob to get money and the guns shop too

  • Watermelon

    it would be cool to have a gym and other clothing options like back packs it would also be Cool to have a job to get daily income or weekly income.

    • keenan

      I’m % 100 with you on that

      • Wizby

        you people are morons. you have jobs. they’re called missions. do those for money. and the already give you $2000 just for good behavier.

  • Rizzo44

    How about letting us store cars in the parking lots of each protagonist. They have about 10 spots each

  • Ahmad Al-Ajeel

    What i wish is for cars bought to be set for the protagonist. For example lets say i purchased a car and im using it in single player and doing missions with that car, and i want to use it for the rest of the game in place of his standard protagonist car. Every time a cutscene happens or something or i die and come out of the hospital i always see micheals obey or franklins bike or trevors truck spawing infront of me and my car that i spend thousands on and even more on upgrades ends up in the impound, and sometimes lost forever, which is a waste of money. I want to be able to purchase a car and use it in place of the standard car through out the game or switch between my cars.

  • 22ka

    What’s missing is gloves and backpacks. Really R* needs to do an update that doesn’t limit the players in any way in terms of clothing. If I wana wear a suit and chain then that’s my business the chains should nkt be locked out. Another thing is picking the colour of our clothing ourselves kinda like in saints row.

    • keenan

      Man I am on the same path of thinking as you

  • nick

    I think the color headlights would look cool.

    • Deadpool

      Crew colored headlights. Now THAT’S an idea!

  • Dylan

    A gym, for sure (would be a good way to raise Strength), more garage space, and completely overhauled police behavior (we all know how bad that is). An example of that would be wanted levels determined by witnesses (like a silenced killing in a place with absolutely no witnesses would attract no attention), and not the two-star-and-over shoot-to-kill behavior. Another cool thing would be stealth missions, sort of like the morgue mission.

  • sammy

    We should be able to do things to get alot of money and open more stores

  • nuke

    New music

    • lolol5wag

      They are .

  • reese

    how about more sports or a gym. maybe even basketball

  • Daryl

    What do I want in the next update? In a word, ZOMBIES.

    • michael Hall

      That would be so cool

  • RICK

    We need to be able to purchase loads of properties in GTA Online. This could offer us even more garage space as well.

    • Rizzo44

      And get a daily income.

  • Branden

    I would love A LOT more garage space in the single player game, I hope this comes in the next update.