Facebook not working, news feed loading problem

By Alan Ng - Jul 15, 2014

It looks like Facebook is down today, or at least Facebook is not working properly as it should. We have been trying to use the site today but have been met with constant Facebook news feed not loading issues.

As far as we’re aware, Facebook on mobile is working fine so this could be a problem that is specifically linked to the desktop version of the social site.

We’ve done some digging and it looks like we are not the only ones having problems either with the Facebook news feed not working on PC properly. Take a look at what some other users have been saying within the last few hours:

Just to point out, Facebook login is working fine, but Facebook pages are not loading at all at the time of writing. So far, Facebook has yet to issue an official statement on the matter, but hopefully they are working on a fix as we speak.

As we wait for further information, let us know if you have had Facebook problems today, with the news feed not loading in your area. Are you seeing the same image below as we are seeing or not?

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  • Edwin ohnson

    Facebook is not loading at all….internal error? 10/13/15 been 6 hours since I’ve tried to use….after change from chrome to foxfire did get a message “saying something went wrong and are working to get fixed!”

    at least I did get that message!

  • AbsolutelyTrue

    It’s been like this for me for a week or so and today nothing will load at all, not even a Facebook support page I’m trying to visit. Any word yet from FB about what’s going on? I’ve tried everything and I’m pretty sure it’s not something on my end.

  • Kim Gordon

    Can’t access Newsfeed on my FB.

  • Matt

    Its still down for me an my family so weird it’s not released an update why there down

  • Jim

    I have been dealing with for a few days not of facebook not loading right, i thought it was lag but when I was running my net monitor I was not receiving any signal back from facebook like it was not there and would just time out. My facebook chat would not load properly (would show as disconnected), I would “Like” something and it would come back as unable to do so. Now today its like facebook just does not exist.It appears to show it is “waiting for facebook to reply.

  • Danno

    it started up on my end about half hour ago, after I was restarting my laptop from some needed updates….thought it crashed my computer, but after reading this and other sites, I feel relieved, but irritated.

  • Karen Holencsak

    Having the same issue. Facebook news feed is not showing on my computer. Cleared cache and flash. Ran CCleaner. Ran a scan of Facebook wall which came back fine. Rebooted and still have the same issue.