Change Minecraft name on PC could take a year

Minecraft players on PC enjoy very good treatment when it comes to providing new Minecraft PC updates compared to other platforms on console and mobile. Despite this though, we have seen a growing request for Mojang to offer the ability to change Minecraft names on PC.

We may have some unfortunate news for you though in this regard as this feature could take a long time to arrive in the game. Mojang has given it a low priority it seems compared to bug fixes as we can see that they have responded to a few users when directly asked if they will be able to change their name on Minecraft.

We have done some digging for you and found the following responses on Mojang’s official Minecraft support page on Twitter. As you can see, you may not like the reply that Mojang offered.

We’re not sure if this reply was a bit of a tongue-in-cheek, but obviously it would be a long wait if Mojang really needs a full year to bring this somewhat minor feature to Minecraft on PC.

It clearly isn’t at the top of Mojang’s to-do list at the moment though, so if you are a daily player who really wants to change name, you should make your voices heard now.

Would you be willing to pay for this option if Mojang could get the feature out before the end of the year? Give us your thoughts on this.



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