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Angry Birds Epic secret levels with Poseidon Pig

It’s clear that Angry Birds Epic is one of the most addicting mobile games to download at the moment. Earlier on this week we offered some tips on how to level up fast in Angry Birds Epic, but now we switch our attention to Angry Birds Epic secret levels as there are quite a few in the game.

The most popular of which it seems, is the Angry Birds Epic Maelstrom level featuring the Poseidon Pig boss. If you want to explore this level, we would recommend you set your team up correctly as Poseidon Pig is no push over with tough stats.

If you take him on, you’ll see that unlocking Poseidon Pig in Angry Birds Epic will greet you with 32,000 health and a whopping 500 damage attack called Raging Storm – which can also heal Poseidon Pig as well by the way.

Those that know how to strategise correctly should have no problems dealing with this boss, but then again, we’ve also seen plenty of comments from users who are asking for Angry Birds Epic Poseidon Pig walkthroughs.

If that’s the case, then check out a few videos that we have included below if you need help. Let us know what Angry Birds Epic secret levels you have found so far and what one is your favorite.

Is Angry Birds Epic a lot better than the original games in your opinion?



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