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Alleged iPhone 6 battery problem evidently solved

There have allegedly been problems with the construction of the iPhone 6 battery because of its ultra-thin design. However, the problem has evidently been solved, which we find convenient seeing as though there is no proof that the problem existed in the first place.

Apparently Simplo Technologies has finally been able to produce batteries that are both thin and flexible so they can fit inside the thin body of the iPhone. What makes this such a significant process is the fact that this process has not been a success for the likes of LG or Samsung.

We can understand why there would be such an issue with production seeing as though the battery is allegedly 2 millimeters in thickness, which as you know is much thinner than the battery in the current model, although it will be able to be made larger thanks to the increase in size of the iPhone 6.

It is comically that and alleged problem has been evidently solved, we just wonder what the next issue will be with the next-gen iPhone? One Apple Insider reader said that they expect to hear that the iPhone 5.5 model delay has now been resolved and back on schedule.

Let’s say the saga with the battery has been solved for the iPhone 6, then what of its battery life? We already wrote an article on this, but we just fear that this continuous issue will just keep coming back time and again. I’m struggling to get a full day from my battery, and I would not say I’m a heavy user. The phone is used to keep checking emails, a few websites and also Facebook, although the latter is visited and used rather a lot. However, I don;t watch many videos or listen to music, and only one or two calls are made on a day-to-day basis.



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