iOS 8 Touch ID key to iPod touch 6G

By Alan Ng - Jul 14, 2014

The massive iOS 8 changes to security and programming with SWIFT reveal a sweeping change to the next OS upgrade along with opening up 3rd party access to Touch ID, which is one big clue to Apple planning to add the fingerprint sensor to all of their mobile devices.

This is why you can expect the iPod touch 6th generation along with iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and mini 3 to feature Touch ID just like the upgrade they pushed with a new lighting cable input.

For those that doubt this possibility, it’s important to remember that Apple brought the lightning cable change to iPads, iPods, and iPhone. They have changed the iOS 8 script language and completely revamped the code to allow better security with Touch ID and opening it up to 3rd party apps using it such as Facebook, so users don’t need a password.

This will almost certainly push Apple to add Touch ID to the new iPads and a long at last iPod touch 6G upgrade this year after 2 years without a major update. We have already seen from countless ‘leaked’ images of the iPad Air 2 that it is going to be coming with a Touch ID sensor, so it is highly likely that Apple will follow suit with their next iPod Touch 6G as well.

It’s somewhat strange for Apple to reveal such a big feature of future hardware, but we knew straight away when iOS 8 was revealed at WWDC 2014 that the third party Touch ID support would extend to other devices aside from the iPhone 6.

It’s really exciting when we think about the idea of never having to use passwords again with our favorite apps – we mentioned Facebook above as an obvious app that will benefit from this update, but obviously there are a vast amount of apps that will be included too.

Are you hoping that Apple still has plans to make the iPod Touch 6G relevant with a TouchID sensor for logging into apps with a fingerprint?

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  • Harley J.

    And those interesting rumors keep coming and coming, making me regret not have bought an iPod 5g recently… oh well. If the 6G has this thing with better specs for the same price as the 5g 32GB version thats a day one purchase for me.

  • Guzz

    iPod touches are old hat now, they should stick to getting rod of them. no one wants a £250 music player when 80% of android/windows phone do it much better, or just stick to getting an iPhone like the majority did

    • Quinn

      I personally use my Ipod Touch as a varitable phone. Since most places have wifi now, I can text and call pretty much whenever, without having to pay $1200 a year.

      • Harley J.

        Completely agree, plus a 40 bucks phone do the call’s job for me. hehe

    • Ronel


    • Khandaker Shayel

      um no kill yourself, some of us dont want to drop an extra 500 for an iphone.

    • Andrea Lincoln

      Go jump in the river with that B .S, there are many who still ues and are eager to see a newer iPod Touch come out, myself included, if you want to pay a small mortgage and have a ball and chain around your leg, you go right ahead friend.

  • Name

    If iPod Touch 6G is released with the iPads in October, I will camp the night before release date outside of Fashion Fair(where an Apple store is waiting just inside)!