GTA V DLC T-Shirts unlocked before update

By Alan Ng - Jul 14, 2014

As we wait for the next new GTA V update to arrive, it looks like players are still finding ways to unlock content that Rockstar hasn’t intended to release via normal means yet.

We’ve seen evidence to suggest that there is a way to unlock rare GTA V radio t-shirts in the game, t-shirts that are likely to come in the next wave of free GTA V DLC content from Rockstar.

This is on top of the GTA V High Roller lottery and casino update that is also thought to be on the way soon, but now it looks like retro T-shirts could be on the way next.

These T-shirts include designs from the GTA V radio stations, such as Flash FM, KJAR FM and so on. They are highlighted in a new section called GTA V Special Tops, but the video below shows how to unlock them early using the same character switching methods that have caused Rockstar so much hassle in the past.

Previously players could use the same method of switching characters to duplicate cars for free GTA V money, but we thought Rockstar had managed to tighten up this loophole.

However, these t-shirts are available now early and we have to wonder how some users manage to find glitches like this and the lengths they went to on discovering it.

Is this going to be the GTA V DLC for Tuesday July 15 instead of Heists? We’ll have to wait and see but let us know what you think about it.

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  • Briginds

    Dlc will be released on the 29th.

  • Athrods

    I think a new DLC will be released 24th July

  • Corey

    “These T-shirts include designs from the GTA V radio stations, such as Flash FM, KJAR FM and so on.”

    Incorrect. Neither of those are in GTA V. In fact, none of those in the video are from GTA V. But hey you’re a games journalist so I wouldn’t expect you to know or research anything.

  • Corey

    “DLC content”

    Literally this says “Downloadable Content content.” Do you know anything about games/English/grammar/editing?

  • Elvisman68

    I think Rockstar should make the purge on gta 5 for around a week every night u have to survive and u get rp money rare guns and masks armor and u can get in other apartments with out buzzing in just blow the front door 💣💣

    • YourIdeaIsAGreatOne

      That’s sounds like a great idea, I wish they would do that. That would be so crazy and fun.