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Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPhone 6 for security

Even though the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 have yet to be unveiled that does not mean we do not have a pretty good idea as to what technology they will boast, but one thing is certain, security will be a huge focus point for both handsets. It is almost certain that the iPhone 6 will make use of Touch ID, which could also make it to the iPod touch 6G.

However, we also know that iOS 8 will come with improved security features. This could see third-party apps making use of Touch ID, meaning all you need to do is place your selected finger on the home button and you have no need to enter your password. This could also be extended to work with the likes of PayPal and other money oriented apps.

There is also the possibility that your iPhone 6 could stay unlocked if it is in a safe area, such as your home network. However, this is only based on an Apple patent and might not even happen. The problem with this is you could have your phone at home, but your kids can get hold of it and start to delete important things, or ring someone by mistake, and so I would personally prefer the lock feature to stay.

Samsung made improvements to its security of the Galaxy S5, and looks set to go another step further with the Galaxy Note 4 security. A recent tweet suggests that the next-gen phablet could sport a retinal scanner, or some other form of technology that deals with the human eye.

In the Tweet, seen above, it comes with the hashtag “#ExynosTomorrow”, which we have to say is rather vague. You will notice how the handset in the image looks very much like a phablet and has an image of the human eye on its screen. If it is Samsung’s hope to improve secirty for its upcoming Note 4, then we have to say a retain scanner would certainly do that, but how do you think it compares to Apple’s Touch ID?



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