BMW i8 options list, UK not US

The BMW i8 is a completely new concept from the German car maker and proves that they are still at the top of their field when it comes to futurist technology, and then introducing it to today’s road going cars. If you live in the UK, then you now have the chance of owning one for yourself, and will turn heads just as the beautifully looking Tesla Model S does.

BMW i8 options list – Even though your new i8 will come packed with an array for features, there are still a few optional extras that you may need to consider. These are for drivers in the UK, seeing as though the US has yet to get the BMW i8.

When you land on the dedicated BMW i8 page you will see a tab to the bottom right that says ‘Build your own’ and that is what you need to select. You now have a list of options; these include engines, exterior, interior, packages, optional equipment and my configuration.

While playing around trying to build a BMW i8 we were shocked at how much those extras are, a special paint color scheme of the exterior will set you back up to £1,350, which is astonishing. And, and upgrade to the wheels can cost up to £1,380.

There are two extra options for the interior; those are Interior World Carpo or Harpo, which costs £1,150 and £2,150 respectively. However, the biggest upgrade on the options list would have to be the Pure Impulse Design Package, which adds a further £12,200 to the BMW i8 base price.

Our overall price once we configured our very own i8 was £114,430, which we have no intention of purchasing, but it gives you an idea of just how expensive it can be.



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