Amazon (Fire) Google Glass rival likely

Ever since Babak Parviz first conceived the idea of Google Glass there have been many companies trying to replicate his design, and some have even gone on to make ones that look a whole lot better, although they are nowhere near completion. Parviz may not be the man behind the project anymore, but it was his vision that kickstarted the headset wearables.

We have yet to see some of the top mobile device companies commit to such a project, although we have seen that Samsung is considering it. However, there is one company that could be about to start work on their own, and that is Amazon.

This is because Amazon has now acquired the talents Babak Parviz, and even though he stepped down from working on Glass, this is still going to be a blow for Google, as he was part of the Google X team.

Amazon (Fire) optical head-mounted display possibility – One has to ask why on earth Amazon would employ the talents of Babak Parviz if they have no intention of taking advantage of his huge amount of experience within the wearable market? Surely it is obvious that they will come up with a device to rival Google Glass, and going on other product releases, could be called the Amazon Fire Eyewear.

However, we have to remember that the guy is more a visionary/researcher rather than a products guy, and so could have been brought into Amazon in order to offer a new vision in what could be a very lucrative market.



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