2016 BMW 7-Series evolutionary interior spied

The 2016 BMW 7-Series may be a long way off, but that doesn’t stop fans from wondering just what it is they can expect, and so you will be happy to know that a few new spy shots have come to light, and there is a nice surprise for those who would like to see what is going on inside.

That’s right, several new spy shots have come to light, some of which are of the 2016 BMW 7-Series interior, it is clear that BMW is sticking with its evolutionary policy rather than going for an revolutionary one, which they saved for their i8 model instead.

For obvious reasons we have not uploaded any of the spy shots for legal reason, but if you head over to Motor Authority, they have a whole bunch of new spy shots for the next generation BMW 7-Series.

You can clearly see some new elements with the interior, although there is still a familiarity to it. Having said that, we do expect several changes before the final product version, which will go on sale in late 2015, so plenty of time for fine-tuning.

You can expect a lot of new technology to be incorporated into the next 7-Seies, such as a traffic warning system, automatic parking, and also the latest in connectivity, which we should know more about as its release gets closer.



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