Minecraft PE 0.9.1 download on Android, not iOS

By Alan Ng - Jul 13, 2014

Over the weekend, we were one of the first to tell you that a new Minecraft 0.9.1 update would be coming for Minecraft PE to specifically fix bugs that had arrived in the recent Minecraft 0.9.0 update.

One of the main bugs that was present was a constant error message displaying on the screen that Minecraft was running out of memory, a problem for most players on the Pocket Edition even with minimal data installed.

Now, we’re pleased to bring you another solid update from Mojang. The team has revealed that this Minecraft 0.9.1 patch has already been finalised and submitted to the relevant app stores for review process.

Even better is that it looks like Android users can download Minecraft 0.9.1 today as many are reporting that the new update is already live. Those who are playing on iOS though will have to wait a bit longer, as it appears that the update is still under review from Apple’s App Store process.

Hopefully it won’t take too long though, as the memory bug is probably driving you crazy for those that had experienced it on 0.9.0. Android users should have a problem-free experience right now though and it’s great to see Mojang fixing the problem in the space of a few days.

Tell us if you have already installed Minecraft 0.9.1 and your experiences so far. iOS users, do you see the update live for you yet or not?

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  • James

    After 9.2 my workd continuosly crash on my ipad! Please fix

  • Lisa Aibangbee

    When does the update come out

    • Jeb

      its been out for days now

  • Tommaso

    At least it did not take forever like 0.9.0 came out and

    • Lies

      R u tommaso

      • Tommaso

        I’m his bro

  • Tommoso


    • Lies

      R u really tommoso

      • Tommoso

        I’m not tommoso I just put my name for fun:p


    Really guys we tried hard

  • Omgomg

    It’s available for iOS Apple store just now,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!! It got it

    • Omgomg dummy

      I was talking about 0.9.1 not 0.9.2 dummy I asked why is 0.9.1 skipped

      • Omgomg

        Oh u should of just said that

        • Omgomg dummy


        • Omgomg and omgomg dummy


  • steve


  • DONTbePISSEDofOVERthisITworks

    I know a way how it would not do any of that. PUT YOR DISTANCE ON 1 OR 2 it will do this a few
    Times but it won’t do it as much as it will do like 5 minuets later.


    • It does work

      Thnx DONTbePISSEDofOVERthisITworks

  • running out of memory

    Apple takes forever. I’m not gonna play minecraft tell 0.9.1 comes out because it’s so annoying
    E.g your running out of memory

    • PissedOffNow

      Really 😐

  • Appleshouldworkfaster

    Speed things up already apple!

  • Yealove122

    Entonces como cuando saldrá 0.9.1 para iOS? 😉



    • Yayayayayaayayya

      R u iOS because if you are then go and download it just came out July 15 late afternoon
      Apple store

  • iamalsopissedoff


    • Hayzact

      It says I’m running out of memory a lot of time then it crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Check your work people

        Hayzact when u said “a lot of time” it did not make seance
        But I got what ur saying
        Do u take ESL not in a rude way just for a ?

        • Hayzact

          No I don’t take ESL I was rushing because I needed to do something
          |:-) this face is a villiger face when u r commenting about minecraft use this villiger face |:-)

        • Cool villiger face new emoji

          |:-) villiger face nice one hayzact

  • pissedoff101

    i get the crashes and the message on any world i go on, minecraft has become another great crashing game for my ipod 😀

  • BkBrawlr

    I’m running 0.9.0 I was one of the beta testers. I Don’t have this problem and never had this bug in beta either.

  • leechenye

    i keep receiving the warning on infinite worlds, but i dont receive it on flat worlds.

    • 0.9.2

      Exactly what I get but now that I downloaded 0.9.2 it’s got better;)