Minecraft 0.9.1, game running out of memory fix

By Alan Ng - Jul 12, 2014

Earlier on this week we told you that the highly anticipated Minecraft 0.9.0 update had gone live for Minecraft Pocket Edition. Now though, after updating it looks like many players have experienced bugs on the new version but fortunately we have some good news for you direct from Mojang.

We can confirm that a new Minecraft 0.9.1 update is on the way which is specifically going to target the new bugs that arrived with the latest version.

Obviously, it’s not ideal to install a new update and see new bugs come into your game at the same time, but you have to admire Mojang’s frequent support on the game and their determination to keep users happy.

For example, check out this fruity reply that was sent to Mojang’s official support page on Twitter. Despite the language, Mojang was happy to reveal that a Minecraft bugfix update was on the way soon.

That’s what we call support. One bug in particular that we have spotted ourselves – continuous messages stating that Minecraft 0.9.0 “the game is running out of memory”, despite having only having minimum content installed.

As far as we can see, this is the main killer that is causing most of the frustration at the moment. Let us know how your Minecraft 0.9.0 game right now and what you need to see in terms of bug fixes for Minecraft 0.9.1.

Is anyone else getting the Minecraft game out of memory error or just us?

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  • Anon

    Get the memory message all the time…please fix! The kids want the update to add ender zombies, whatever that means.

  • Lexi:3

    When the he’ll will it come out!

  • Patrick Martin

    the new update 0.9.1 is ok to me because when i go to ungenerated world it will slow just slow not pause for 2sec,and i play in gt-p1000 but stil x ra
    y bugs

  • Everyone stop talking already

    Everyone just shut up! The update should be out for ios in a couple days and it’s already out on android (I think)! The bug is happening to loads of ppl, even me, but just be patient! It’s coming soon! Stop complaining!


    Either iPhone 4 has more RAM then a lot of people or I’m just lucky because I haven’t got any message or bugs at all.


      I thought it was just going to show Guest. XD

  • Jasmine

    I deleted some of my games and world and also tried not using any graphics , it only work for 10 minutes and the warning game running out of memory showed up

  • Programmer

    The memory the game is referring to is RAM, as you would expect the amount of RAM (or short term memory in lamens terms) is lower on your phone than on your PC. Mojang probably just left a memory leak in the game or have aspects of the game trying to allocate a lot of RAM. Stop deleting your worlds, you are wrong. It won’t do anything. “Memory” in this context is referring to RAM not HDD space or SD card space.

  • Shaan

    Yea im getting the same bug so i deleted all but one of my worlds and its still showing up >:(

  • Ashley

    I started a brand new world and got it I hadn’t even done anything to the world

  • Bels2000

    Yes I have had it I update tied it yesterday and now this I thought it was my amount of worlds but it was actually a bug great I’ve deleted some of my other worlds but this bug still bothers me do you know the egsact date this update will come out!

  • Logan

    Yes a load of crap

  • Jenna

    It has never said that to me in the new update

  • Primus

    Yeah, some of my massive builds from 0.8.1 say they take up 2e+01 MB, and my 0.9.0 worlds say that the game is running out of memory.

  • eliz

    me three! ;(

  • madcat302

    So when you build something big it tells you mincraft out of memory or it is it something else!? Not that I want this bug to happen 🙂 just to see if it still happens

  • Rose

    It keeps saying running out of memory my brother Joins my game and the it says the game is running out of memory, then my game just glitches out to the home screen.

  • Diddy

    It keeps on and on when I make a world 1min later the game is running out of memory

  • Kyle

    Keeps happening to me :/

  • Jamie Glowacki

    Yup. happening to my son.

  • Josh

    Keeps saying “warning running out of memory”

  • Jay Jeter

    Change your distance view to minimum.

  • Nicole

    I can’t play without it crashing! Sooo

  • Joschpilot

    its very annoying… i cant even play anymore and I only have 3 worlds. This really should be fixed…

  • Minecrafter

    Me too

  • little p

    Me too