Honda Mobilio vs. Maruti Ertiga MPV dominance in India

The Maruti Ertiga has been enjoying dominating the MPV market in India and at this time has not found a competitor to come close, but there is one waiting in the wings. That vehicle would be the Honda Mobilio and we do not have to wait until it is released in India to find out if it has what it takes to challenge the Ertiga.

Seeing as though we do not live in India we are not able to get our hands on these vehicles, but we have found a pretty decent review that does this job for us. They have looked into many different aspects of these MPVs, such as their exterior design and dimensions, as well as interior, safety features and so much more.

You will notice in the image that the Ertiga is visually appealing as it takes many of its exterior design features from the Swift and Ritz hatchbacks, albeit with a larger MPV look. The Mobilio on the other hand takes cues from the Brio and Amaze.

When it comes to MPVs interior space, it is one of the most important factors, although comfort levels help as well. When putting these two side-by-side the reviewer believes that the Ertiga has a more premium feel compared to the Mobilio, which surprises us, as we would have thought Honda would have had that area covered.

The review goes on like this to compare all the main aspects and even has a couple of charts looking at all their main specs, after which they come to their own conclusion, which we will not spoil for you, so you can find out more here.



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