BT DNS issues reported this weekend

- Jul 12, 2014

This article is a quick update to the BT DNS issues being reported again this weekend, which follow broadband DNS problems a couple of weeks ago leaving server not responding messages. It seems these returned yesterday, and continue today with forums, games, and the likes of Facebook slowing up.

Users report sites going fast one moment then slowing up the next with what some people describe as, “lagging”. Previously, we heard from some of our readers that changed their BT DNS settings to Google’s and found success, while others didn’t want to mess around with anything and cause other problems.

This forum thread started within the last 24 hours also confirms the problems, which most explain their browser is trying to resolve the host frequently without success. We’ve heard about broadband dropping connection in Ayrshire, Scotland, to BT Infinity problems in the Woolston area and even Deal in Kent.

Are you getting BT DNS issues again today? Will your page load one time, then the next it doesn’t or images fail to appear?

Other problems being sent to us include not being able to log in to email, or the Internet down intermittently across the UK. He’s two more comments sent to Product Reviews by email, “DNS problems in London from Saturday afternoon and still not working”. Another added, “Infinity speed down to 0.49mb on Sunday, July 13th”.

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  • talldave

    I’ve given up on BT’s DNS servers – they’re fast for sure but they only answer half the time, hence all the hang-ups – and why clicking refresh makes a page suddenly load. Nobody seems to be commenting on this behaviour – the servers are up & running but fail to respond half the time.

  • pcinswscotland

    Still no bt email this morning – pretty disastrous as I’ve been without since Sunday. I am losing confidence in BT’s ability to provide their advertised service.


  • James

    My problem is not BT email – I don’t use it – but general web access. I have BT Infinity and live in Fulham, London SW6. Since the weekend the service has been patchy – ok response times for major sites like Facebook, terrible for more obscure ones. If a page fails to load, I click refresh and it might appear instantly – or it might hang again. After the initial hang (or not) if the site actually loads it does so almost instantaneously, as per usual. Looks to me like DNS servers.

  • DavidM

    DavidM –

    Agree with the earlier posts. No trouble until I transferred to BTMail late last week. Service dropped out Saturday night. I changed my password because of the “my e-mail is compromised” message, but to no avail. I believed it might be true about being compromised because I had two sinister e-mails in between transferring to BTMail and the service ceasing; perhaps the changeover by BT has compromised everyone’s e-mails and some person in Germany (source of the first e-mail) is having a good laugh right now!

  • LizzyW

    Absolutely fed up with inadequate information from BT about the lack of email since Sunday morning. There is no clear advice or information and no idea when the service will resume. I think it is time BT told us what is going on and why the service is still failing.
    The helplines are useless and no-one seems to know what the problem is. The latest information I’m getting is that my email has been compromised and I should re-set.
    I would, if I could, but I can’t. They seem to be forgetting THERE IS NO EMAIL!

  • Irene

    No access to email since Friday afternoon. Bt failing to give an adequate explanation or any timescales for resolution. This is utterly unacceptable. No updates on websites and as of 1400hrs I have been advised that it could take another 24 to 48hours. BT appear to have completely lost their way. Customer support service offering mixed, confused and inaccurate advice. I was reassured that the problem would be resolved by midnight last night, Good grief!

  • George

    Upgraded to BT infinity a week or so ago. Since Friday had problems downloading virus and spyware checker part of BT Netprotect plus (hor or so on phone with tech guys 0but still not resolved). In addittion been unable to acess email – can log into My BT OK, but when click on email icon doesnt take you there just loops back to the My BT page. Frustrating and kind of thinking of cancelling the contract and switching to Sky with their 2 years free broadband ? Really dissapointed with BT so far – esp as worked away happily with their standard BT broadband and BY Yahoo email for the last few years.

  • Simon

    Hardly any access to e-mail since being switched to BT. Mail from Yahoo early last Thursday and none at all since Friday evening. Only anodyne comments from BT when reported/chased. Incredibly frustrating.

  • SJH

    No emails today or yesterday. Wifi is ok and I can login to BT online but clicking on “Mail” does nothing! 2nd time since BT changed from Yahoo to BT Mail

  • Tony

    Both myself and my wife cannot send or receive any emails. Wifi connection is good and working . Is this a country wide issue. We were transferred to BT Mail on Wednesday with only a few problems and email worked. Now when I check on the system it is saying I am connected to Yahoo for mail?T

  • KelUK

    These problems follow a Virgin Media outage a couple of days ago, what’s going on with UK broadband?