Sailor Moon Crystal game on PS4

By Alan Ng - Jul 11, 2014

Earlier on this week we spoke about the high request to see a Knights of Sidonia game on next-generation consoles after making its debut on Netflix for US audiences. Now though, we switch our attention to another Japanese anime that arguably deserves its own PS4 game as well.

How many of you could honestly say that you would throw your money at whoever would develop a Sailor Moon Crystal game on PS4? The series is currently airing again as Crystal is a remake of the 1992 original that touched so many hearts all those years ago.

You can watch Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 1 Usagi online from many sources but what we wanted to talk to you about is a potential game down the road. Sailor Moon is one of the most popular Japanese animes at the moment and due to the franchise being a trending topic at the moment, we are hoping that game developers are looking at the bigger picture here.

We haven’t played a decent Sailor Moon game since that amusing Final Fight knock off back in 1995 called Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. With that in mind, a good Sailor Moon game is well overdue and we would be willing to bet that a good few of you would be happy to buy any new Sailor Moon game that arrived on PS4.

Sony should see the opportunity too and at least head on to Twitter to see some of the positive feedback on the demand for a Sailor Moon game in HD.

We wouldn’t want to see another Sailor Moon fighting game, but an RPG game based off Sailor Moon Crystal would be fantastic. It may even take a Kickstarter project to get the ball rolling, but just look at the likes of Mega Man inspired Mighty No 9 for inspiration on how it’s always possible to bring back an old school franchise.

Do you agree with us that a Sailor Moon game should be made as soon as possible on PS4? Get your views across and the message send out to Sony and Namco Bandai by leaving your views below.

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  • tammy

    i would love to have an rpg open world sailor moon. Kind of like a final fantasy i just imagine thousands of girls wanting to play. There have been many girls that have grown up on final fantasy and i’m sure they would play sailor moon.

    • Vinicius Miranda

      And boys. And I think Tuxedo Mask needs to be playable too as much as the girls will be(include Sailor Chibi Moon,Sailor Neptune,Sailor Pluto,Sailor Uranus and Sailor Saturn)

  • Heck yes I would buy it hands down.. early release please!!! Let’s get it!!

  • Caessar

    Ohyes please!!!! I would think twice to buy the game for ps 4 if thats really happen!

    • Caessar

      I mean i wouldnt think twice sorry for the typo

  • hotaruTomoe

    Any sailor moon game would be great! Tho all we own are a Wii and Xbox….help!!

  • I liked the Sailor Moon puzzle games on Super Famicon much better than the fighting games, tbh.

    Either way, they definitely should make some new ones. 🙂