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Nike Football app ahead of Premier League fixtures

There is not long to go before sports fans start to enjoy the new Premier League fixtures, and to help you get in the mood there is the Nike Football app. This iOS app is not to do with the Premiership, although it does have something to do with all things Nike Football, so those players who endorse the brand, as well as new products associated with the game.

The app offers exclusive content, along with Q&A sessions from top football (soccer in the US) players. There is also a pretty cool social feature allowing you to set up a friendly match and then inviting a few friends along to play.

You will also be able to get involved in chats with other players, such as trash talking them, which we know you love to do. You also have the ability to set up micro-communities thanks to the Crew feature, which means you can stay connected to friends of friends.

If you are interested, you can register within the app to take part in Nike Academy, which takes place at St. George’s Park National Football Centre, located in the UK.

We have to say, this app really does deliver if you are in to all things Nike football, and a great way to prepare yourself ready for the new Premier League season, which kicks off August 16th, 2014. Visit iTunes for more details.



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