GTA V price cut before next-gen is unleashed

You know GTA V next-gen is on the way when Microsoft start issuing some serious price cuts. If you don’t have an Xbox One and still haven’t played GTA V on Xbox 360, now is the time when you may want to think about picking up the game.

We can see that Microsoft are now running a fantastic promotion on the Xbox Live Marketplace, offering GTA V with a 50% discount on Xbox 360. That means that the digital version of the game is available for as little as $29.99 – an amazing deal when you consider the scope of the game.

We have to warn you though, as the price will only be valid for Friday 11th July. After that, it will return to its standard price of $60. Also bear in mind that getting the digital version of GTA V on Xbox 360 will set you back with a whopping 7.63GB install.

For those gamers that refuse to upgrade for the time being, you have to love deals like this. Especially if Rockstar turn around in the future and say that you can get GTA V on Xbox One for a lower price if you already owned a physical or digital version of the Xbox 360 copy.

Let us know if you are still an Xbox 360 gamer without an Xbox One and are tempted to pick GTA V up for half price.
Let’s hope the Xbox 360 Ultimate Games Sale keeps providing knock-out hits like this one.



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