Download Minecraft PE version 0.9.0 today

By Peter Chubb - Jul 11, 2014

Earlier last month the Minecraft PE version 0.9.0 change list was made available, which gave us an insight into the many new features and bug fixes we could expect once released. You can now download the Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.9.0 update today seeing as though it went live late yesterday.

This update has certainly been a long time coming seeing as though it seems like a lifetime since Mojang last updated the mobile version of its popular game. The update is for Android and iOS, so if you have yet to update, then we would advise you do so because you are missing out.

Minecraft Pocket Edition now has so much more to offer, such as new places to explore, which means you will be wasting even more of your life in this virtual world.

The update has gone down pretty well with users so far, although there are some who report having a few issues. One has said that they are still missing the villagers. We have to say this is not a problem with the update, just a case that the mobile version still lacks some of the features the consoles versions have.

One user did say the update was making his device crash, but this seems to be an isolated issue, until we hear from other people, we will put this down to a device specific issue.

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  • JessicaBoo37

    I play for 3 minuets and I keep getting messages that say ” the game is running out of memory!” Then the app crashes. I’m very sad 🙁

    • PQ

      I know it suck it happens to me I hate it. I can’t spawn monsters on creative

  • Poop

    I farted

  • Xephqin

    I cant log onto a world, even when I open the app my device gets laggy and crashes

  • Lovely Jubblie

    My device is crashing…. Can’t even get on a world!!!! Thanks Mojang!!! 🙁

  • Grace

    It keeps saying “game running out of memory” over and over again and keeps crashing frequently but other than that i like it… i just cant find any villages either! ):

  • Heather

    Alway comes up with constant “warning the game is running out of memory” which covers the whole screen then crashes all the time and parts of the world won’t load and when you come to an edge where it won’t load it starts shaking it’s really annoying!!!

    • JessicaBoo37

      I have the exact same problem!

  • Ben

    It crashes on my ipod 4 with IOS 6. it also says the game is running out of memory!

  • dylan

    It crashed for me too )=

  • Cas

    It crashed for me too

  • lol

    it just cashes and it is so bad i had the best world i have ever had and it is gone it made it so my other games did not work

  • Kingdavid116

    I can’t find any wolves

    • PQ

      My brother found two

  • Troy

    I HAD a great world for survival, then I got the new update, and it got rid of EIGHT houses that I BUILT. Along with over 64 diamonds, and everything that i had! and now i can’t get it back not even with the apps I got, it destroyed them. i want a new update to fix the damage.

  • Matt

    Hi me again, I did some tests, and the game is still crashing even though all my veiw distance is as low as possible, and all my advanced settings are off. I have plenty of memory. Could it be my device? The game functions properly in all other creative infinite worlds, but the problem world is survival.

  • Matt

    The game only allows me to stand in one spot (in an infinite world) before crashing. It crashes everytime I enter this world.

  • JakeMon510

    My iPod crashes with this update as well

  • Sarah

    Am I the only one, who can’t join multiplayer with my friend, she has an iPad with with an outdated update, she still has iOS 6, and I have the newest iPod with the newest update, can someone help us please????

    • penny

      All you have to do is turn on multiplayer on options and one of you have to go on one of there worlds it doesn’t matter if it’s survival or creative just put the two gadgets together and the other persons name will come up on there gadget in blue writeing press on it (it will take a while) and then you will be in there world remember you both have to be in multiplayer

  • Jill

    Do a quick internet search – the crashes are a common problem on ios. One suggestion was to turn the view distance down to the middle setting – this seems to be working at the moment.

  • Maria

    I love the 0.9.0 upgrade, just hate getting flooded with the “warning: your game is running out of memory” msg every time i get a couple steps or how i sometimes get kicked out of the minecraft app on my updated iPad 2.

  • Mike

    Does anyone know how to make a copy an existing world ? Also, can we change an “old” world to infinite?

  • Kingdavid116

    And u can’t here some of the mobs

    • penny

      If you can’t hear the green ones (creepers)you’re not supposed to hear them that is why they are called creep-ers 🙂

  • Kingdavid116

    It’s saying that it’s losing memory why
    is it saying that

  • hannah

    i almost always spawn from the sky killing instantly

  • hannah

    it freezes like every 7-14 seconds on infinite and lags here and there on old. plus it crashes almost all the time even if it seems to work perfectly

  • Some dude

    Me again i found out how to not make it crash I turned off some of the graphics now it works great!
    P.S anonymous i have a iPad mini that I got for Christmas

    • DemondzPvP

      Me 2 Lol XD

  • Andyrx Jiang

    There are villagers! What do you mean? I mean, there are villages, though rare, and villagers in them, or you can spawn them with eggs

    • Gman

      My game crashes in the first 30 seconds it does it on other worlds to sometimes after i updated it.

      • penny


  • Some dude

    When I start a world after like 30 seconts I guess it starts saying: warning the game is running out of memory and then it fills my screen and then it crashes

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure you have an outdated device, because it works great on the iPad 3 and iPhone 5S.

      • TFunk

        I’ve been having the same issue on my iPad Air but read that it’s happening when I venture too far from my original spawn point – I venture back a tad bit and it stops happening. Any chance it’s dependent upon the space on the actual device? (My iPad is pretty full…)

        • Anonymous

          I guess it could also depend on the data space of your iPad, and 0.9.0 most likely uses a lot of data..

    • Josiane

      Mine does the exact same thing! But no i dont its cause its outdated, i have an ipod 5…

  • Daniel

    This update is aswome , play it every day

  • Ella

    My game crashes within 10 seconds whenever I enter a world, creative or survival, new or old.

    • Josiah

      Same here. They better fix it cause it does that sometimes on my other worlds for now. I paid 7dollars for it i don’t want it to be wasted.