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Download Minecraft PE version 0.9.0 today

Earlier last month the Minecraft PE version 0.9.0 change list was made available, which gave us an insight into the many new features and bug fixes we could expect once released. You can now download the Minecraft Pocket Edition version 0.9.0 update today seeing as though it went live late yesterday.

This update has certainly been a long time coming seeing as though it seems like a lifetime since Mojang last updated the mobile version of its popular game. The update is for Android and iOS, so if you have yet to update, then we would advise you do so because you are missing out.

Minecraft Pocket Edition now has so much more to offer, such as new places to explore, which means you will be wasting even more of your life in this virtual world.

The update has gone down pretty well with users so far, although there are some who report having a few issues. One has said that they are still missing the villagers. We have to say this is not a problem with the update, just a case that the mobile version still lacks some of the features the consoles versions have.

One user did say the update was making his device crash, but this seems to be an isolated issue, until we hear from other people, we will put this down to a device specific issue.



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