Destiny beta redeem code for PS4, Xbox One live

Are you looking forward to the Destiny beta? Those who have already been issued codes by pre-ordering Destiny now have the option of selecting which platform they want to play. Bungie has updated their website with a beta portal allowing each code to be used three times on different platforms.

Head to Bungie’s website to get started. Now, you will be given the option of inserting your beta code as you see from our image below. After that you will be given the choice of selecting which platform you want to play the beta on – i.e. PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

Once you have done that you will see that your beta code will get you three download keys on your platforms of choice, which will be available to redeem on the PlayStation Store on July 17, or on the Xbox Live Marketplace on July 23.

Remember that the beta is starting on PlayStation first, then a week later it will be available on Xbox. You’ll also be given the option of selecting your region but if you live in Australia Bungie has already advised gamers to select ‘Europe’.


We can also see that some of you are having some problems redeeming your code. In some cases, some of you may have received the message: “This code has already been redeemed on another account” – even if the code is unique to you.

If that’s the situation you are facing now, it’s a good idea to Tweet Bungie as they are very active on their account right now trying to sort everybody out and prepare for the beta start time.

How did you get on with this, did you successfully manage to redeem your code and are now waiting for the three download keys on July 17 or July 23?



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