WWE 2K15 Hulk Hogan Edition confirmed

Attention all wrestling fans, as it looks like we may have the first details on the potential WWE 2K15 special edition for you. Most will remember that the late and great Ultimate Warrior featured as the highlight for WWE 2K14, but now it looks like the honors are switching over to another legend, Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan has been the main legend that is confirmed for WWE 2K15 so far and now we know why. The Hulkster himself has confirmed on Twitter that he is currently in the process of signing 25 thousand pictures that are going to be included in special versions of WWE 2K15.

This information hasn’t been announced by 2K yet, which tells us that there is going to be a 2K15 Hulk Hogan Edition or even WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Edition of some sort.

Hogan wouldn’t just sit there for the fun of it if it wasn’t for good reason, so now it looks like Hogan will follow on from the likes of The Undertaker and have his very own version of the game – remember The Phenom Edition for WWE 2K14 anyone?

Aside from the signed photos, we have a feeling that fans can look forward to some other Hulk Hogan themed extras as well – perhaps a DVD celebrating the history of the Hulkster now that he is back in favor with Vince McMahon again.

What are your thoughts on this – would you be interested in picking up a special Hulk Hogan edition of WWE 2K15 for a personally signed photo, brothers?



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