WWE 2K15 best spin-off mode ever

Earlier on today we told you that a special WWE 2K15 Hulk Hogan Edition was coming for this year’s wrestling game from 2K, but now we want to share with you something hilarious that we stumbled across.

WWE 2K15 is obviously going to come with some additional game modes away from the main campaign, but in terms of custom spin-offs, we want you to take a look at one amazing video that a fan has created.

Taking the create-a-wrestler mode from WWE 2K14, one user has mashed up wrestling with Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros franchise. The ending result is something really crazy and perhaps an idea that may lead into some brainstorming by 2K and Nintendo one day down the road.

While this is a very farfetched idea to think that we would one day see something official with a WWE Vs Smash Bros mash-up, who would actually pay to see it happen?

Just think, if there was a PC version of WWE 2K15, you just know that the community would find a way to churn out features like this on a monthly basis thanks to mods.

Enjoy our video of the day and let us know your thoughts on it as a Smash Bros and WWE fan.



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