White PS4 release date without Destiny planned

We have some great news for those of you who liked the look of the beautiful White PS4, which Sony unveiled recently. Initially it was thought that the console would only be available within a Destiny bundle, but now we have the confirmation that Sony will be making the white PS4 console available as a standalone purchase as well.

It also suggests that Sony won’t be increasing the price either just because it’s a new color – as nice as it looks. This means that later on this year, you should be able to buy the console at $399 or £349 once Sony announces a white PS4 release date.

Remember that Destiny is due out on September 9, along with the white PS4 bundle so we will have to wait and see if the standalone console purchase will also be available on September 9 – or if Sony will make gamers wait a little longer to buy it separately.

It would make sense to us if the white PS4 is available say a month later in October, giving Sony the opportunity to increase some hardware sales from those who want a white PS4 at all costs.

We know that the white PS4 as a separate purchase has already been confirmed for Europe, so we just need the same details confirmed for US – but obviously it’s going to happen.

Are you seriously considering taking your black model back in order to get the white PS4 instead? Good things come to those who wait as they say.

UPDATE: Sony has reached out to us, to say that the white PS4 will only be available as a standalone purchase in Europe. This means that for those of you in the US, you’ll have to get one via the Destiny bundle only. Let us know your thoughts on this.



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