Super Mario World Cloud Glitch is crazy

After 23 years, an amazing Super Mario World Cloud glitch has been found in the game. Many of you may still own your SNES cartridge at home and now you can bust it out again and try it out for yourself.

It’s significant in the fact that this new glitch has meant that Super Mario World speed runs can be even quicker by taking advantage of the glitch.

It requires some delicate set-up, but is rather amazing once you get it to work. For those that are asking how to do the Super Mario World cloud glitch, simply watch the video below for a full explanation on how to get it working – courtesy of the A+Start YouTube channel.

You’ll need to pay attention, as one wrong move could crash your game as shown in the video. The ending result though is a glitched item saved in your inventory which is actually a Lakitu cloud which you can ride on.

Watch the surprising clip below and let us know if you still have a SNES cartridge at home to try this on.



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