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Spotify code before Canada launch date

The Spotify launch date in Canada is nearing with invite codes being sent out after you submit your email on the official website. You can get your very own Spotify code for Canada by visiting this page, and then getting in line for a “pre-launch invite”.

We’re not aware of anyone receiving a Spotify code for Canada yet, but there’s already a box live on the above website that will let you enter an invitation code. Once you get your code, you’ll need to sign up to the full Spotify terms and conditions.

Spotify’s head of communications explained the invites will start to roll out soon to those who signed up, although don’t expect to get one right away if the demand creates a long waiting list. They will want to perform a “gradual” rollout, which will allow the testing to be managed in case problems occur.

Have you applied for a Spotify invite code in Canada? Once the official release date arrives, we’ll be sure you let you know. It has been a long wait for those of you in Canada that started with hints being dropped during interviews back in 2012.



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