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OS X Yosemite vs. Mavericks developer adoption

One of the ways to tell how popular a new version of OS X will be is by looking at the developer adoption rate compared to the current version, and this is just what the Chitika research team has done. When comparing OS X Yosemite vs. Mavericks it would seem devs cannot get enough of the former seeing as though there has been an increase in the amount of them who have adopted the latest version.

Looking at the chart provided by Chitika, Mac devcies running the first developer version of Yosemite accounted for 0.15 percent of OS X web traffic in North America, this then increased to 0.2 percent after the first month of its release. Compare this to Mavericks, which only managed 0.05 percent of OS X web traffic after the first 30 days, that’s a four-fold increase.

It is thought the reason for this more successful take up of the developer version is because the number of new features within Yosemite, which as we know have been designed to work much closer with iOS 8 once released in the fall.

In the next month or so we expect Yosemite to become even more popular seeing as Apple has opened up the preview to other Mac users that were successful in signing up to the program.

Are you happy with the features you have seen so far, and what else would you like to see integrated into OS X 10.10 Yosemite?



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