GTA V Social Club TV leak leads to ban

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2014

It looks like the GTA V leaks are not slowing down. We are waiting for Rockstar to deliver GTA V Heists once and for all, but it looks like the developer are still testing the waters with other features and are focusing on GTA V for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

With the game coming this Fall, it’s no surprise to see Rockstar working around the clock to ensure that the upgrade is well worth it for gamers. The PC release is going to end one of the most highly anticipated releases, with GTA V mod support the stuff of dreams and the single reason why gamers prefer gaming on PC.

This week, it looks like Rockstar are currently testing one PC feature of GTA V. You may remember that Rockstar has promised that the PC version specifically will be coming with some kind of video editor.

Now, it seems like this feature is going to be the GTA V Social Club TV as an image showing the new mode has been leaked by a GTA V hacker. The person, known in the community as “Chr0m3 X Modz” has been digging into Rockstar’s private vault and has uncovered some new secrets that he wasted no time in sharing with everyone else.

The Social Club TV feature could be exclusive to PC and may allow PC gamers to upload footage directly to YouTube. It also looks like the mode will allow players to go into free roam mode in order to create amazing GTA V trailers, which can then be uploaded directly onto the Social Club TV for other players to see.

It looks like Rockstar has discovered that this user has been a bit naughty, as one Tweet from the hacker shown above reveals that he has now been banned from GTA Online for his recent actions.

As far as we’re aware though, this is the first time we have seen evidence of a GTA V Social Club TV, so some of you may appreciate the efforts that this person has gone to in sharing it publicly at the expense of a ban – even though Rockstar doesn’t like it.

The image you see below is taken from a Rockstar website that isn’t available for public viewing either, showing the Social Club TV logo as it should appear on the PC version.

Let us know what you think about this and if Rockstar are right to ban the player. We wonder if this is going to be on GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One too, or just exclusive to PC? Exciting times on the way this Fall nevertheless.

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  • 360_watch

    I don’t think it Is wright to ban this player as the game on the whole has many gaps and glitches that players are taking advantage of, which makes the online feel somewhat unfinished. I am also extremely annoyed at the fact that this game is coming out on xbox one, ps4 and especially pc! I’m very surprised at this as, a lot of people saw this game as a last gen game for the 360 and ps3 consoles. At the end of the day other consoles and the mainstream pc has stolen the last gen consoles thunder, this is just another example of game designers going mad! Because of this people feel that GTA V is loosing its credibility as a solid game 🙁

  • Jonah Thrillz

    PC is way too open of a system for Rockstar and many other publishers. In addition to piracy, hacks, mods, etc… this might actually convince more of these companies to disregard the PC market altogether.

    • PC Elitist

      yep , wouldn’t you love just that every single game from now on release only on console you prefer? so that you may say how smart you were when you bought it. jeeeez the peasants never stop..

      • Bilal Prince- Ali

        loool… whats funny is that he’s right.. calling us console gamers ‘peasants’ just proves you have nothing to actually add to the convo/debate.. rather you simply seem to think the money you have spent ‘modding your rig’ is a sufficient argument against actual valid/on topic/relative points in these sorta debates… its pretty sad actually.. *siiighh*

        • PC Elitist

          what debate peasant? he posts total nonsense completely off topic regarding the article , i just asked him a question. **siiiggh* the peasants these days…

        • Bilal Prince- Ali

          he began the debate.. so HE sets the topic dumbass.. *Siighh* clearly someones never been in a debate just good at slinging the word peasant at people lool.. have fun playing Dota in 16K and 3 billionFPS im sure allllllll the money you spent on your rig was well worth the graphical leap between the Dota people play on their regular laptops and PC’s 🙂

        • PC Elitist

          Wait , what “debate” ? you mean nonsense he pulled off his ass? oh ok.. what does it have to do with this article? he should have posted on reddit or something , not cry about it here. and i only asked him a question , i have no intention of “debating” with nerds online. and now you both are just dragging away , you forgot you need knowledge before even trying to “debate” online, idiots

      • Jonah Thrillz

        Hmmmm how big is your gag reflex? You might be useful to me.

  • Herve Shango

    dude got banned for that wow rockstar get hurt so fast its like someone stabbed in them in the ass

    • HesHERO!

      Rockstar need to pull it together. This guy could be using this to help Rockstar to promote the game for PC version.

    • TJ K

      He gets banned all the time, all the modders do. The thing is, you can’t ban them

  • extermin8or2

    Ps4 and xb1 dont really need this feature. The console has very similar stuff prebaked in that everyone has access to. Whereas on pc you’d need a capture card and/or special software etc… :p

    • Herve Shango