GTA V Online Halloween update, DLC proposed

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 10, 2014

Now that we’ve moved into the second half of 2014, it seems some Grand Theft Auto V players are considering what an online Halloween update could include. These gamers are making plenty of suggestions for GTA V Online DLC, and one of the latest has been named Fright Night.

New cars and weapons normally accompany updates, we’d expect much of the same with the GTA V 1.16 update and during Halloween. There’s suggestions for a Hearse to feature within the Halloween DLC, a farm harvester, poison darts, a machete, and much more.

Another great idea someone had was to make night time longer and let the ghost from Mount Chiliad appear out of nowhere while driving at night. These ideas and many others have one aim in mind, to make GTA V Online very scary during Halloween with themed DLC.

How would you create the perfect Halloween update? What ideas do you have for themed cars, weapons, and missions? You can see the ideas discussed in the video below, so take a look and leave your comments on what you think about this type of theme for Halloween DLC.

There’s so many cars that can be added from horror movies, but here are a few from movies you’d recognize thanks to one YouTube user. An old ambulance, a blacked out 90s Chevy, a Cadillac Eldorado, a monster truck, The Green Goblin Truck, a 958 Plymouth Fury, the 1973/74 charger seen in Wheels of Terror, and many more.

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  • Aaron Holt

    How about if you’re on the road
    near Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness, or any other creepy forested
    area, at night, your car unexpectedly and unexplainably breaks down, and
    it triggers a cutscene where your character checks the engine and
    everything and is suddenly attacked by a mysterious, deadly stranger,
    and you have to fight him off and escape on foot, and suddenly, tons of
    creepy, eerie NPCs start flooding out of the forest after you, and
    there’s no police or traffic around to help you, it’s just you and
    whatever friends you’ve got near you, and if you get away from the
    forested area back to civilization, or find a building to go into, then
    you can shelter there until dawn where everything goes back to normal,
    and this same thing happens every night. Creepy right? I got the “car
    breaking down” idea from someone who had a sasquatch idea.

  • R1PT9C0N

    Someone said something about a skeleton chopper i would love to see a 59 caddy style hearse with spooky mods some hand weapons or crossbow masks of course , gloves you can wear with out your team attire i could go on …….

  • GTA V freak

    zombies, ware wolves, ghost, i like that grave digger monster truck idea. The Munsters model T hot-rod. CREEPY HALLOWEEN MUSIC CONSTANTLY BEING PLAYED (even while not in a vehicle) All day night time, HUMAN SKULL SHAPED BUZZARD, scary-ass clowns from outer space, Monster madness Shuttle Bus, OLD SCHOOL HORROR MOVIES AT THE MOVIE THEATER, human head tennis ball for tennis.

  • Mark Parker

    Gun that shoots pumpkin bombs,car that you run people over with then shoot them out of a cannon like a saints row,zombies for sure,lots of costumes,and masks would make it cool.

  • Crazy a

    The car Christine and the gravedigger monster truck I think would be a great add this would make gta v fun

    • Alex M

      Yes. Christine. Such a beauty of a car. I hope they add her to be a vehicle in the game I would sell everything just to get her.

    • Aaron Holt

      I recreated Christine on GTA Online with a Tornado, then recreated the bulldozer scene, so awesome! Although, if they added a GTA counterpart of Christine, I’d sell my Tornado and get Christine ASAP! lol

  • Nick D

    Zombies, definitely, all over Los Santos. It’s constantly night in the game, and as you drive north, ghosts cause your car to swerve. The chainsaw should be a weapon to return to GTA, maybe a motorcycle that has flames coming off of it or some kind of truck that looks bloody and utterly ridiculous. They could do so much for Halloween but the thing is they might not do anything that involves complete overhaul of the map. Sucks but all we can do is wait, they have three months.

  • Nikk C

    I would like to see a scary thing that included an easter egg from red dead redemption with the zombie of John Marston seeing how Grand Theft Auto V’s Engine was based off of RDR.

  • Markie M

    A full Grim Reaper costume, including a scythe that can be used as a weapon. XD Or… If you die, you spawn looking like a zombie.

  • Ellie j

    I think some cool costumes would do as well like halloween themed like the Christmas elf outfit

  • Airsoftelite

    Zombies in the urban areas and werewolfs in the countryside?

  • Me

    I would like to see the hell riders motorcycle

  • Jonathan

    Perhaps you could have random AI murders take place
    on the streets. Also like the idea about the ghosts, but maybe also put in the Headless Horseman who could make appearances here and there. Sounds like it could be a good DLC!

  • Hi

    Like that’ll ever happen.

  • Pad-lad

    Oh how about Leonora Johnson, where her body was found. Could be interesting.

  • Pad-lad

    Hehe, just thought The Van Of Scooby-Doo, forgot the name of it. 😛

    • jackozewacko

      The Mystery Machine

  • Al2653

    There’s already a hearse in the game it’s called the Romero. You can insure it in the online.

  • Roy


  • whatever ahaha