GTA V Jet stunts cheat with cuts

- Jul 10, 2014

There’s nothing like stealing a Jet Fighter in Grand Theft Auto Online, although videos uploaded to YouTube either contain full uncut gameplay or a mashup featuring cuts without the bad. Today, we have another GTA V Jet stunts video gaining in popularity with a player that some say cheats by cutting the video into best bits only.

You can have your say by watching the so called, “GTA 5 Jet Stunt Montage” below. Personally, we love the stunts contained within this video but it doesn’t match up to another Jet stunt video seen here from last year, which has seen over 2.5 million views to date.

Do you prefer full uncut GTA V stunt videos, or a mashup with clips put together cutting out the parts where things go wrong?

We’d love to hear about the best stunts you’ve seen performed in GTA Online with jets. When you’re standing around in the open world and then a jet shoots passed, you’ll either be impressed or pissed looking for payback.

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