Aliens Vs Predator PS4, Xbox One game desire

By Alan Ng - Jul 10, 2014

With all of the excitement around Alien Isolation at the moment, we have noticed that there has been an increased demand to see a return of the Aliens Vs Predator franchise.

The less said about the movies the better, but in terms of gaming Aliens Versus Predator from Rebellion back in 1999 is still considered to be one of the best Aliens and Predator games ever made on PC.

As a result, we wouldn’t mind seeing the team come back together on a new game for PS4, Xbox One and PC and it looks like Rebellion would love to make the game as well if given the chance.

In a recent interview with DSOGaming, Rebellion’s Head of Programming Kevin Floyer-Lea had this to say on the possibility of a new game happening in the future.

“Here at Rebellion we’ve got a particularly strong attachment to the AvP universe, so it could happen. So personally I’d love to see an AvP game with fully procedurally generated levels, where you literally never know what’s around the next corner.”

Although some of the more recent Aliens Vs Predator titles haven’t proved to be as successful down the years, we would still love to see another game on next-gen hardware.

The PS3 and Xbox 360 game that we played a few years ago came up short ultimately, but with Alien Isolation looking so promising, we still feel that the Aliens and Predator series can still deliver the goods if the right team is attached to it.

Imagine if the likes of Rocksteady came out and said that their next game after Arkham Knight would be Aliens Vs Predator – we doubt anyone would object to that at all.

If you remain a fan of the franchise at heart, let us know what you would need to see in order to put your faith behind another game. Simply put, what wouldn’t you want to see from a new Aliens Vs Predator game?

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  • jim shaw

    would love another aliens vs predator game but for multiplayer I would love to see more aliens than marines or predators to give the feel there are lots of them as in the movies xenomorphs flood the place then just a marine campaign but with 4 player co-op make it a rather long campaign and big maps aswell but not much to do other than survive find amo and get to the objective like rescue colonists or something that would make for an awesome story

  • Shadow

    plz plz plz AVP 2010 was one of my favorite games the first person for all spices was awesome and super fun an intense but mabe bigger maps and some customization and coloring

  • John Martin

    Pls remake the Avp 2010 with more and better qualities and aliens are faster preadtors are harder to see and humans need more guns and need to be carefull

  • bob

    Multiplayer is key not enough games about now where me and my mate can just chill out for couple of hours
    Unless linked on different devices which ain’t the same keep old skool multilayers alive keep them interaction !!!

  • Jacob

    I wish I could design this game lol. Make the multiplayer maps much bigger. Mote in depth campaign system. Tweak the SFX so the match sound like they are suppose to and I would love to see like a character customization type deal, like the had in halo reach so you can make your predator, alien or marine look like how you want it and add in a lot more game modes to the multiplayer. I would also like to see in the campaign, that each species storyline intersect at one point and decisions in campaign area will have grave consequences in another. Also gorier (idk if that’s a word lol) execution moves and silent kills. Also maybe and option to counter and execution maybe ik. But it is very feasible to make a great avp game for next gen consoles and pc.

  • rogue_ai_unit

    I just want aliens vs colonial marines on ps4 or Xbox 1 owned all on that game weather playing as human or alien I got 34+ kill streaks on 360 every time and I miss it.

  • Cammy_khazi

    Open world multiplayer all in one big city taken over by aliens. Marines have bases to stay safe from aliens but aliens and/or predators can still attack the bases and break in. And obviously still choose to be marine, alien or predator. All or atleast most buildings accessible even big 20 story buildings. Marines get cars and travel in big groups outside the base and can make the base bigger if they can hold down part of the city from other players(aliens). For aliens an predators, when talking through game chat to other aliens, they can hear you but predators or humans only hear the alien noise. The same with predators. When an alien dies, they respawn as a face grabber and attach to an ai and control the ai and even walk into the base unnoitced till the alien pops out and continue as the alien or can attach to a player and the player has a certain amount of time to get the alien removed or else they die.
    Well this is just my idea of a new avp game. I know quite a lot of people might not like this idea but hope some would also want a game like this

    • Vallenshield

      This is a must

  • Mark Kaiser

    I would LOVE to see an updated PREDATOR game in the likes of Concrete Jungle, but different. An action RPG elemented game where you design your Yautja, and start as a young unblooded member of the clan. You travel to various worlds and hunt EVERYTHING, from dinos to weird alien species, sometimes solo, sometimes with your hunting pack. You can earn upgrades and new gear based on your honor and performance. However dishonor (killing non lethal life forms) can bring trouble from your peers, banishment, or death, where they label you “Bad Blood” and strand you on a planet and hunt you! Eventually you can gain enough Honor and Prestige to lead your own hunting party, get your own ship, and become a tribal elder. World maps can range from prehistoric jungle to volcanic deserts, and everything in between. Incorporate a galactic map aboard ship to set your course for the next hunt, along with a trophy room, training room, burial or honor the fallen room, and a room to talk with predators from your hunting party. Throw in ALIENS and COLONIAL MARINES as a species available for hunting, and random map drops. Think AVP:EXTINCTION meets PREDATOR:CONCRETE JUNGLE, with graphics and playabilty like Assassins Creed:Black Flag or Batman Arkham series or Mad Max. Now that’s a game i’d lose alot of sleep on!

    • I sooo love your idea!!! I hope some game developer / designer or someone takes note of what you have just said as that would make for one hell of an Awesome game!!! Yautja are awesome! 😀 .. With your permission I will pass your idea onto a few developers! ..

  • Queen

    I want the same kind of multiplayer as the PS3 version it was the best. I loved the fact you could play all three different characters marine, predator, or alien. Also, as a extreme avp fan having the toys as a kid and owning all the movies. This game really personified what us fans were looking for. I was very distraught when the avp servers got shut down. Avp was the reason I got a PS3. Now I own a ps4 I would give anything to have that game for my ps4 exactly as it was. I was an alien player this my gamertag and nickname Queen. If you are gonna do this please don’t do it like colonial marines. Keep it first person and like the 1999 PS3 version. Ps maybe you could add a face hugger kill as one of the grab attacks on multiplayer. 😆😄

  • Bleepblup

    Mybe not so much profanity in the up coming game.

  • Justin Chimpy Mottishaw

    And watch the movies for the diffrent style of kills with there character

  • Justin Chimpy Mottishaw

    Plz add difrent kilking styles with the preds like how the diffrent the masks were there shoulda been some diffrent take downs for example predator cuts there head clean off spears them in a wall, alein same cut there head off, marine shoves a granade down there throught or knifes them and also allowing us a chance from being killed on the takedown or grabed from behide causeing the kill train

  • BattleBrosGaming

    plz make it i love the 2010 avp game

  • jimbob30

    Got no problem with rebellion having another shot but do not want Sega or any other publisher involved let them make and publish the game then they can do what they see fit with no other company involved fox and rebellion would make alot of cash.avo 2010 only problem was not enough because support was canned after a very short time so its segas fault the game never had chance to grow into something more the only aliens game that let me down was colonial marines proving to me that rebellion and creative assembly are the only ones that should be making games in the future unless epic games the gears of war creators get to have a go

  • Markos Vougiouklis

    2010 had the best looks, trophy kills and gameplay ever. Yet I hated the online community thinking of you as a coward player, say you were a pred, if you used plasma instead of fist fight. No. The nature of preds is true hunters. Maybe they would do an omage fist fight before finishing you off, but they would kill you in an instant anyway they would like. The game is hunt-kill. Online players should always percieve it as a death-match whatever the case. If shot by plasma, then you are dead. Be more careful next time. It’s how it is. If they ask you to only fist-fight to enjoy more the killing, then maybe the producer of the game should make that clear as an option in the beginning. I am not good at fist-fight. Then I could enter a game mode that allows use of all weapons by defenition. Likewise, say l like fist-fighting, l choose a different game mode that strips you off of some or all of other weapons and here you go enjoy. But the game modes should be designed as such and not being limited by unwritten agreements between online players.

    • Queen

      That wasn’t it Markos I am a alien player only and we are at a very big disadvantage to predators for the simple fact they have flying projectiles that ( not saying your one of these) a kidnergartner could use to spam on the other players and where is the fairness in that. They give you other moves for a reason. As an alien I could stay in a cave and keep wall tailing or ceiling tailing people but what kind of skill does that show for me nothing so the whole just use your fists thing is because people were spamming weapons by staying in their invisible cloak and shooting people.

  • Ben

    They need to make the aliens much quicker than the predator. The odds were stacked in the predators favour too much on multiplayer with it being very hard to see the predator with the alien at times. Also bring back overrun and the ‘pounce’ ability from the original PC game. And set limits for each species in a team deathmatch. For instance, there should be a squad of marines, a handful of aliens and 1 or 2 predators. Not loads of predators and aliens running around wildly with the 1 or 2 marines.

  • Kaneki

    Im playing avp on 360 now.. im optimistic about a current gen release.

  • Raven

    I would love to see a comeback to the alien vs predator games to the new consoles, preferably Xbox one. The game from 2010 was amazing and I don’t see how people can dislike such a great game. Many people are attached and still go back to play it, including me. I would love to have a game on Xbox one closely made to the 2010 game but with minor changes such as, you can customize your species, mask, armor, skin, dreads, and colo . Along with other variations for the alien but also javeing preset skins. If they do make a game I would love to see multiplayer just similar to the current but with more playable maps. I really wish they would create a next gen alien vs predator game…

  • flash gordon

    avp 2010 is a brilliant game on ps3 why there’s a lot of people who don’t like it don’t make sense to me I agree with Jacob and Dylan chop chop rebellion cant wait for another adrenaline fueled chaos game there should have been a update for the first but still fun regardless I would like to see predators close up executions look more revolting in a new game though saying that the ones in avp 2010 did impress me excellent gore for both aliens good graphics as a whole. for the new avp if they make one free roam into jungles and into city passes would be good as well as keeping the original game matches in avp 2010. they should make so predator can climb sky scrapers like in avp 2 film I could write on here for hours on end for ideas for the next avp game but aint got all day/year lol

  • Jacob McGuire

    Think about it like this, a game where you can choose alien or predator. Become your choice, in an open world(s) you can do quests, level up your character, maybe customize your character a little, upgrade your armor, weapons, and abilities. Possibly have some evolve thing that allows your character to change into an evolved form. For an alien they could change into that queen or king type deal. For a predator, they could evolve into that big version like from the newest movie predator that came out in 2010. I know you something about not mentioning the movies but just think about how cool running around with your friends as an alien or predator doing bounties or even fight each other in team death matches as alien and predator. And for people without internet make a. Campaign type deal kind like borderlands or skyrim where people without internet can still enjoy the game. P.S. You could also do a spilt screen like borderlands.

  • Dylan

    When playing as a predator, you should have the ability to switch through different visions for thermal, instead of the clear, green and heat, for example the predator 2 movie, the predator had 10 different visions, and oh yeah the open world thing would be sweet and have different seasons and make the kill cams deadly and gory.

  • Brian

    Open world. Be the alien or predator in an open world

  • jimbob30

    Avp 2010 was a good game just felt abit rushed that’s all given more time I think rebellion would have nailed it I for one welcome them giving it another go but don’t let Sega have a say let rebellion release what ever they want for it and if an update needs doing let them do it.I enjoyed the marine campaign but was just a tad too short and would have been better with more on screen enemies and 4 player co-op would make a good experience

  • milton mamula

    Add what the original predator characters had, like one blade rather than two on both sides

  • milton mamula

    Create your own predator, color of skin, hair, armor, mask, how tall or short, skinny or big, thin or muscular. Same goes with if you are playing with an alien or a human

  • David G. Musser

    play as the alien queen, ellen ripley, dutch, mac, billy, Alien Chestburster, Facehugger, dog alien, machiko naguchi.