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Verizon Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 OTA update imminent

The Verizon Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is set to receive an OTA update, but not to version 4.4.3 or even 4.4.2. This is only a minor update, which means the Note Pro 12.2 will soon have Android 4.4.2, although it’s better than nothing right?

Verizon has heard from several Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 owners that have had a few issues with the default Calendar app, and now we are happy to learn that this new update fixes that issue.

Stability is to also improve for Magazine UX, but only for the Science and Technology sections, as this was not as stable as users would have liked. Some other apps are also getting improved support, such as Kindle and VZ Navigator, while WatchON and Hancom Office are to receive new widgets.

We have yet to determine the release date for the Verizon Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 Android 4.4.2, but Android Police suggests it will be in the next day or two.

In the meantime we would advise you keep checking Software Updates on the off chance that it is already there ready for you to download. Just for your information, the carrier build for this update is KOT49H.P905VVRUANE4.

From what we can make out, this Verizon update brings this tablet more inline with other carrier version, such as AT&T.



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