Google Finale celebrates Germany Vs Brazil

It looks like the epic Germany Vs Brazil result that has shocked the world has hit home this morning. Even much so that Google has decided to shake up their home page in a big way.

Heading to now will not show Google, but instead a Google Doodle in Germany today with the words ‘Finale’. This is in reference to the country being the first team to reach the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

There’s also a brilliant animation to enjoy as well, which features the pop-up text Oho! Germans will be celebrating today of course, but most of the shock will be about Brazil being demolished in a record score that has never happened in their history of the World Cup.

As you can imagine, social media has been running wild particularly Twitter with a reported 35 million tweets sent after the Germany Vs Brazil 7-1 result just hours ago.

England players may not feel so bad suddenly, imagine how Brazil players are feeling as a host nation and seeing their home fans cheer on Germany towards the end.

The question is though, can Germany go all the way and win the 2014 World Cup? Let us know your thoughts on Google making this unusual change to their homepage as usually they would still feature the words Google – not this time though, Finale!



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