Diablo 3 PS4 gameplay in 1080p, 60FPS

We have a real treat for those of you who are looking forward to picking up Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 in August. We still have a month to go until the game is launched, but we can bring you some fresh Diablo 3 PS4 gameplay running at 60FPS and 1080p.

As most of you are aware, the PS3 version of the game has been out since September 2013, but Blizzard is promising brand new features for those that pick up the Ultimate Evil Edition.

Aside from a boost up to 1080p and 60FPS, players will also be able to enjoy a four player co-op experience, complete with touch pad features as well and the same console interface as PS3 – completely different to what you have seen on PC though.

The Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls expansion also comes included with the Ultimate Evil Edition at no extra cost, so it is well worth considering the upgrade in August.

As we wait for the exciting release date, we offer you some fantastic gameplay courtesy of the latest Let’s Play episode from Eurogamer. There is 20 minutes of footage, giving you an initial tour of the PS4 interface and then some straight-up gameplay.

Is this the sort of game that you would love to play on PS4 this August? Remember that this is another 1080p game on PS4, which is only 900p on Xbox One, so it looks like PS4 will be getting the smoother version.

Enjoy the gameplay and let us know what you think of how it is running on PS4.



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