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Apple iTunes U 2.0 app update

Yesterday saw the release of the new iTunes U making it an even better app for students with an aim of completing courses from top schools and universities. That’s not all, this app also contains the largest catalog for free education in digital, so you have to ask, how has Apple made it better?

What’s new in Apple iTunes U 2.0 app update – There is a selection of new features, and we have to assume the previous version was bug free, seeing as though Apple has not highlighted any bug fixes on iTunes.

This latest version now means students can participate in private courses and then pose questions to the community. The ability for other students in the same class to jump into the conversation to offer an answer or even ask more questions now makes this app more complete.

Both teachers and students will now receive push notifications while a discussion is in progress, which means if you are waiting for an all-important answer there is less chance of you missing it.

The new version of iTunes U now offers greater iPad support, such as teachers being able to update courses on Apple’s tablet. Teachers can also provide students with an outline for each new course, as well as upload class materials, write posts and even track students who participate in these courses.

We have only outlined just a few of these new features, and we would love to know if you have given these a try yet and what you would like to see brought to the next version.



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