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2014 Mac Mini size revisited

It was way back in February that we discussed the possibility of the rumored 2014 Mac mini being shrunk to a much smaller size than that of the current version. Apple has showed no sign of updating its smaller desktop, although they have shown an interest in looking out for those with a cheaper budget with the introduction of the cheaper iMac, as well as making the cheapest version of the iPod touch even cheaper, along with improved camera features.

A sign of things to come – Maybe this is just the start for Apple, as they could now be thinking more about those consumers with less disposable income in 2014, and we all know that the Mac mini is ideal for those who cannot afford an iMac. Don’t get us wrong, some people do not have a need for the larger desktop, but those that do settle for the mini.

We don’t mean settle in a negative way, as the Mac mini is still an impressive machine for its size, although that size could get much smaller going on the number of rumors doing the rounds over the past few months.

There have been many Mac mini concepts and one that seems to be the most popular is the one that looks like a miniature Mac Pro. The design of this device was not loved at first, but it has now become a very popular design, one that we have to say looks very funky.

A smaller design like this is very possible with the 2014 Mac Mini refresh because it does not have the thermal requirements of a high-end system, they could even go for a fanless design.

What stops the Mac mini from being smaller – There are many reasons that could stop Apple from making the mini as small as some users would like it, one of which is the power supply. Apple places the power supply inside and if they keep doing so they will never be able to decrease its size by much. You have to ask yourself if you would rather have a smaller Mac mini, but then have a large power supply to store on the outside, which can become an issue for some?

One other reason stopping a decrease in size, and that is hardware. If Apple has any hope of appealing to the gamer, which rumors suggest they do, then they will need to include better desktop hardware rather than hardware on par with laptops, which will mean sticking to a size similar to the current model.

Are you prepared to compromise on hardware just so Apple can shrink the next Mac mini?



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