Xbox One Vs PS4 upgrade from last-gen

By Alan Ng - Jul 8, 2014

Are you still a user who has yet to upgrade to either the Xbox One or PS4 console? Both systems are now at the $399 price point after Microsoft dropped the necessity for Kinect and this week we have seen an incentive from Microsoft in an attempt to persuade Xbox 360 users to upgrade to Xbox One.

PS3 users on the other hand have the incentive of upgrading to PS4 to enjoy a list of games with 1080p resolution as standard, a feature that Microsoft is still trying to improve on with the Xbox One.

Regardless of where your loyalties lie though, Microsoft has made the first move in their new attempts to increase the Xbox One user base. Now, some users have discovered that Microsoft is offering a $75 Xbox promotional gift card to certain Xbox 360 users who are willing to make the upgrade.

As far as we’re aware, this offer is not available to everyone but it’s an offer that hasn’t been matched by Sony. A $75 gift card is a wonderful gesture which those selected can then use as they see fit on the Marketplace.

It would be fantastic if Sony were to see this as a competition and offer the same deal for PlayStation 3 users, but so far we haven’t seen any movement in return.

Take a look at the image above to see that this is an official offer from Microsoft. The only question that needs to be asked is whether Microsoft has considered you to be one of their ‘very best customers’.

We certainly haven’t had this on our system so have you? Let us know your thoughts on this offer from Microsoft and to PS4 owners out there – should Sony follow suit and match the deal?

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  • Sabih Ijaz

    I didn’t get the offer… That sucks.

  • Ryix I

    What a great advert for this site, come for the bias articles from fanboys! woop woop, good job.

  • Cutt Pyragem

    Been a 360 user now for 6 years. This $75 dollar promotion is not enough
    for me to get an Xbox one. Will be switching to PS 4 during the holidays. Just
    waiting on a great bundle deal like a PS4 + PS tv bundle.

  • Nettrick Nowan

    So, good news for those who get offered the deal (if you want the Xbox One)…but what determines who gets the offer?

    And, just like the early Day One adopters who did not want the Kinect, if you bought, let’s say last week, are they going to give you something back or are you just screwed?

    Microsoft, again, does something that makes them more attractive to one segment of their user base–but pisses off another part of it.